CBD and Yoga: Rediscover the Benefits!

CBD and Yoga: Rediscover the Benefits!

Yoga has been hailed as one of the BEST things you could do for your physical and mental health wellness. If you want to enhance your practice, consider CBD and Yoga: Rediscover the Benefits!

I normally practice yoga a few times a week, and up until just recently, I was lucky to be able to go to the wellness center at the end of my street.

Just minutes away from any yoga practice I wanted to join, I was in pure bliss.

What I noticed about going to yoga was this:

Benefits of Yoga

  • Your body will become more flexible, BUT your mind more so. Meaning? You’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and able to think more clearly. It just happens!
  • You’ll be able to soften all of the edges in your body and mind. Ever feel rigid or tight in a certain area of your body? Yoga helps ease soreness into supple, relaxed muscles!
  • Inherently, you’ll begin to notice subtle changes both in your body, inches lost, tightness achieved, and also in your thinking and reacting to challenges or situations.
  • Your body will just love you and thank you, and you’ll crave more and more of it!
  • Mental health improves drastically. I’m not the only one who has noticed that anxiety and depression have decreased significantly with regular yoga practice.
  • Many around the world claim that the “yoga glow” is a tried and true positive side effect!
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CBD, COVID Isolation & Yoga Benefits

Okay, so many of us in Canada are in lockdown as I write this.

Whether you agree with this or not, the point is? It’s happening and we can’t fully control it.

When I was taking my yoga teacher certification, I quickly caught on to the mantra:


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn

So while we are all in this together, let’s explore positive and healthy ways that CBD and Yoga can support our wellness journeys!

And to add to that, let’s focus on what we CAN control- our health!

CBD has been studied and researched intensively to show and prove that it can help with so many of the following wellness challenges:

  • CBD may decrease depression and support a calmer mind, lessening anxiety
  • May increase positive feelings and thoughts
  • CBD may help reduce feelings and symptoms of chronic pain
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Rediscover The Benefits

I am suggesting, that while we are all here together trying to figure out the new normal, let’s roll open the yoga mat and stretch it out.

You can enjoy, practice and feel great about yoga even if you’re a beginner at any age.

Remember: the point of yoga is NOT to become more physically flexible (which you will, gradually, over time) it is to become more flexible in your mind.

  1. Roll out your favorite yoga mat somewhere with a lot of space and privacy (if possible)
  2. Grab your bottle of CBD oil or your home-made CBD gummies. (note: CBD gummies take longer to kick in) and take your daily dose now.

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3. Wait about 30 minutes and grab yourself a nice cold glass of water to get your metabolism alert and ready.

4. If you enjoy using yoga blocks or straps, now’s the time to grab everything and prepare for your yoga session.

5. Plan out what your yoga practice will look like and grab a diary or journal to write down your findings, feelings, and what you’re noticing both with your CBD intake, and your mind & body.

6. There are so many fantastic resources out there for practicing yoga at home. Try Yoga with Adriene. She’s a personal favorite of mine.

7. Plan a 20,30 or 60-minute yoga session depending on your level of comfort. If you’re just beginning, try out Adriene’s beginner series videos.

8. I notice, that after taking my daily dose of CBD that I am so much more motivated, focused, happy and yes – even a bit more limber too!

Practice Yoga and CBD Daily

In order to see the best results, you’ll need to stay motivated and on course.

I always have my yoga mat out and ready so I basically have to trip on it.

I also force myself to sleep in my yoga pants and shirt if I want an early morning practice so that there are no excuses. ( and I’m good at them!)

Last, I always make sure my CBD oil is on my counter, in plain sight so I never forget to take it daily.

Meditation Supports Yoga

The relaxation and meditation part at the end of your yoga practice, also known as Savasana or corpse pose.

During this time, I take everything ‘inward’, meaning: I breathe deeply in and out, and focus on my breath and nothing else.

I lose distractions from the house, the road, or my kid and pets scurrying around.

And by now, my body has totally ingested the CBD oil and I’m feeling fantastic and full of life again.

What are your favorite yoga poses? Do you consume CBD before practice?

Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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