How To Make Cannabutter

Benefits Of Cannabutter

Marijuana butter has multiple benefits over other popular weed edibles including cannabutter brownies. Below are the key benefits attributed to cannabutter and the process of infusing weed with butter to make a lovely edible for consumers.

Cannabis Butter Helps With Preserving The Full-Spectrum Compounds Present In Marijuana

When cannabis is roasted in butter, all the active compounds in weed are captured and preserved effectively. The infusion of cannabutter entails the use of lower temperature for extraction of weed compounds. Through this method, you effectively get all the compounds from your weed without suppressing the concentration of CBD and THC in it. Better still, you preserve these compounds, which ensure your weed retains its initial terpene profile.

More important making cannabis butter helps the medically beneficial flavonoids and cannabinoids in your marijuana. Other edibles that are prepared using an extraction method that utilizes high temperatures cannot help preserve the essential compounds in your marijuana.

A Healthy Way Of Consuming Cannabis Without Lung Involvement

Many health-conscious cannabis consumers want to reap the full-spectrum benefits of cannabis, but they can neither vaporize nor smoke their cannabis product simply because of health concerns.

Consuming cannabis butter offers a perfect way for consumers with coughing problems or respiratory health concerns. This weed-infused butter helps such persons to access the benefits associated with cannabis consumption without experiencing the negative side effects associated with vaporizing or smoking weed.

Making Cannabis Butter Provides Room For Single Strain Infusion

Marijuana butter is usually made with weed from one cannabis strain, instead of infusing a variety of strains with butter. That means the result is something with a similar profile of compounds to that of the strain infused with butter.

The final cannabutter will give effects that are similar to the effects that a consumer will experience after vaporizing or smoking that particular strain. The experiences you get with consuming marijuana butter made from a single strain will be consistent even after repeated consumption.

Easy To Make

Notwithstanding whether you know the various processes used to make different cannabis edibles, you certainly understand how involving and time-consuming preparing the edibles can be. Making quality edibles demands expertise, patience and precision.

But not with cannabis butter. First off, making this edible does require expensive equipment. Secondly, you require little expertise to make your marijuana butter. Even the most inexperience consumer can make this butter as long as they understand the basics, including how long to cook cannabutter in crockpot.

Apart from the ease of preparing this edible, it is also easy to dose your cannabis butter. To control dosing when making your edible, vary the amount of cannabis while infusing with butter. For stronger doses, infuse the butter with higher-potency strains. For mild doses, infuses with lower-potency strains or limit the amount of weed you infuse with butter.

More-well Defined Cannabis Experiences

Apart from providing you with full-spectrum medicinal benefits, cannabutter will also produce more well-defined cannabis experiences. Unlike smoking or vaping, consuming marijuana butter will provide you with strong psychoactive effects. The effects of taking this edible are longer lasting as opposes to effects derived from vaporizing or smoking.

Cannabis butter has stronger psychoactive effects because it perfectly captures the flavonoids and terpenes in any cannabis strain. Secondly, the fat in the butter provides a strong metabolic effect needed for transforming THC into a more absorbable compound.

Easy Way Of Making Cannabutter

Now, armed with the benefits associated with marijuana butter, it is now time to make your edible at home and experience these benefits yourself. Here is a cannabutter recipe that will take through making your cannabis-infused butter. Nonetheless, you can make your butter using a variety of recipes, but this recipe is the easiest and it will also give perfect results.

The Ingredients You Need To Make Your Cannabutter

✔ A cup of butter

✔ A cup of ground cannabis

✔ Crockpot

NB: Before making your cannabis butter, first decarb, or decarboxylate the marijuana strain you will be using for making your edible. This part of making your cannabis butter is vital for ensuring you get a strong and potent edible.

Directions For Making Cannabis Butter

Decarb The Marijuana First

Place your cannabis on a crockpot and preheat the oven to about 247 degrees. Cover the crockpot with parchment paper. It will prevent cannabis from sticking on the crockpot. Insert the crockpot into the oven. Set your timer for about 30 to 40 minutes. However, older cannabis strains require less time.

Grind The Marijuana

Using a hand grinder, coarsely grind the marijuana you have decarbed above.

Melt The Butter

Add a cup of butter and another cup of water into a saucepan or a stockpot. Melt the butter on low heat. Water is needed when melting butter because it helps keep the temperature regulated and further stops your butter from scorching.

Add The Marijuana

Add the grounded marijuana once the butter has started melting


Maintain low temperature throughout and then simmer the contents in the crockpot for about 2 to 3 hours while stirring occasionally.

Strain The Marijuana Butter

Once the butter has been infused with marijuana, strain the marijuana butter and then refrigerate the butter to remove the excess water in it.

Dosing Your Cannabis Butter

You are now already well versed with how to make cannabutter and the best cannabutter recipe to use for making this edible. The next crucial thing while making your cannabis butter is understanding the right dosage t have in your edible. Dosing cannabutter is vital like dosing other cannabis edibles such as cannabutter brownies. Knowing how to make cannabutter is crucial.

Nonetheless, knowing how to dose your marijuana butter appropriately is equally crucial. After all, it the dosage that will determine how potent and effective your cannabis butter will be. Do not be overly concerned with how long to cook cannabutter in crockpot.

Although the duration of time to cook your butter can affect the potency of your butter, not to a bigger extent as the dosage of the cannabis butter

Instead, worry about dosing your butter. Dosing will depend on many factors. The most obvious factor is the potency of your strain. Here, you have to use a high-potent strain if you want your marijuana butter to be potent. But if you want to have an edible with limited potency, consider infusing butter with a lesser potent strain.

When preparing a lot of cannabis butter, use a large quantity of cannabis. This is specifically important if you are working with a lesser potent strain. However, some strains can be too potent such that, you will use limited quantities to make huge quantities of butter.

On the other hand, use lesser weed if you are preparing a small amount of cannabutter. For smaller quantities of cannabis data, use a very limited amount of weed particularly if the strain is more potent.

Merely put, determine the dosage that suits you when making your edible. The same principle should be applied when making other cannabis edibles including cannabutter brownies. To keep the dose intact, don’t overcook the butter. Here is where knowing how long to cook cannabutter in crockpot matters a lot. Ideally, the cooking duration depends on the strain you will be working with. For mature and older strains, don’t cook beyond 10-20 minutes. But for fresh strains, cook for about 30-40 minutes. Overcooking will compromise on the potency of your edible.

Mistakes To Avoid While Making Your Cannabutter

Cannabis consumers assume that knowing how to make cannabutter is the most vital part of preparing this cannabis edible. Nevertheless, making cannabutter can be challenging due to some pitfalls you could easily fall into notwithstanding how good your cannabutter recipe is. Do your level best to avoid these mistakes when making your marijuana butter.

Working With Raw Cannabis

Whether you are making marijuana butter, cannabutter brownies, or whatever marijuana edibles for that matter, never work with raw marijuana strains. The problem with raw cannabis is that it doesn’t have activated THC. Remember this is a key element present in marijuana, and that which produces psychoactive effects upon consuming cannabis. Working with raw cannabis while making cannabutter won’t help. The cannabis in the butter won’t have the potency you want. Furthermore, the elements in raw cannabis won’t properly fuse with butter.

Make sure the strain you are working with is mature. Instead of infusing raw cannabis with butter, you are better of not making any edible. In essence, using raw marijuana amounts to wasting cannabis since the cannabis won’t derive your desired end product.

Using Excess Cannabis

Stop wasting money by using too much marijuana on your cannabutter. The amount you use for making your edible should just be enough. For most fans of cannabis edibles, using plenty of cannabis on their edibles amounts to more potency. Nonetheless, this isn’t the case. Just because you will be working with plenty of marijuana doesn’t guarantee you increased potency.

The key to getting a potent marijuana butter is using a higher-potent strain, or using a high-quality strain but in moderate amounts. When working with large quantities, the butter won’t infuse properly with the cannabis. Besides, the cooking duration will be affected as well since you will need plenty of time to cook the cannabis.

Failure To Decarb Your Cannabis

You can have the best cannabis strain for your cannabis. But if fail to decarb it before heating, the results won’t be something you will take pride in. The results will be terrible for you won’t get a quality edible that can produce great results. Also, know the amount of time to decarb cannabis. Here, the maturity of the strain matters bigtime. Mature strains will need more time to decarb, unlike their freshly harvested counterparts.

Not Adding Water

Most first-time cooks of cannabutter make a grave mistake when preparing their edibles, by failing to add water to their cannabis juice. Water is important because it prevents the cannabis from sticking on the crockpot while cooking butter with cannabis.

In addition, water enables the two to infuse easily once they are cooked. Without water, your marijuana butter will have a scorched taste that won’t make the edible desirable.

Not Using Enough Butter

Great tasting marijuana butter recipes have a thing in common. They are all prepared using the right amount of butter. Not too much and at the same time not too little. Using too little butter discourages the marijuana from being infused with butter. Moreover, it fails to activate the essential compounds present in weed.

As such, the resulting butter won’t have strong effects and it will be truly useless to consume it. In fact, the end product will taste more of weed and there will be nothing pleasant in it. The amount of butter to use while making your edible should commensurate with the amount of cannabis you are preparing your cannabis butter with.

Cooking On Extremely High Temperatures

Cannabis edibles, including cannabis butter, cook best on low temperatures. Extremely high temperatures will ruin the vital compounds in cannabis. Furthermore, high cooking temperatures can make the cannabis to stick on the cooking pan or the crockpot you are cooking your edible in. Cook your butter in low temperature, preferably at 393 degrees. With this temperature, the integrity of the cannabis will be maintained and the end product will be just amazing.

Cannabutter Brownies

Cannabutter can be consumed on its own. But nothing can be of a delicious treat than turning your cannabis butter into tasty cannabutter brownies. Since you are quite familiar with how to make cannabutter and the perfect cannabutter recipe to follow while making your marijuana butter, now take your love for this cannabis edible a notch higher with cannabutter brownies.

Making these special pot berries isn’t hard, particularly if you know how to make cannabutter. Just before detailing the right cannabutter recipe to use for making these tasty brownies, let’s see the benefits associated with these brownies and why these brownies are worth adding to your edibles collection.

Tons Of Medicinal Benefits

These pot brownies are associated with tons of medicinal benefits, simply because they are infused with cannabis. For instance, consuming them can help calm seizures and suppress muscle spasm thanks to their brain-relaxing capabilities. The marijuana compounds in these brownies have cancer-fighting benefits, not to mention their anxiety-fighting capabilities.

Safer Way Of Consuming Marijuana

Just like cannabutter, these brownies offer a safe way of consuming marijuana. For consumers who don’t like smoking or vaping and yet they want to get the benefits of Cannabis, eating the pot brownies will help them get as many benefits as their smoking or vaping counterparts. For consumers wishing to keep their marijuana consumption discreet, the brownies are the perfect way of discretion.

Helps Save Money

Cannabutter offers a great way of saving money while consuming cannabis. So does brownies. The cost of consuming weed using bongs, pipes and pens really adds up over time. Opting to for brownies that are infused with cannabutter saves on all the costs involved with cannabis vaping or smoking.

Brownies Are Just Delicious

Yes, cannabis butter is delicious, but brownies made using the butter are awesomely delicious. These brownies can be made more delicious by adding other things such as nuts, cheesecake swirls and fruits. Just be creative and pick what makes your brownies extra delicious.

Longer Lasting Effects

Like consuming cannabutter gives you longest lasting effects than vaping or smoking. So is eating brownies made with this marijuana butter. To get high and experience longer-lasting effects, much a couple of brownies and you will be high the entire day.

Easy To Prepare

Brownies are easy to prepare. It isn’t like preparing cannabutter where you wonder how long to cook cannabutter in crockpot. To make these brownies, just infuse your favourite pot brownies with marijuana butter if you don’t feel like baking your brownies.

How To Prepare Your Brownies

Therefore, you have decided to bake your brownies rather than infusing the pot brownies bought at weed stores with marijuana butter. This cannabutter recipe will guide you on the best way to make your cannabutter brownies.


✔ 4 eggs

Cannabis-infused oil or Cannabutter)

✔ 2 cups of sugar

✔ 2 cups of baking flour

✔ 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder

✔ A tablespoon of baking

✔ ½ a tablespoon of salt

✔ 1 cup of chopped pecans

✔ A tablespoon of organic vanilla extract

✔ Chocolate icing

Directions For Making Your Brownies

  • Preheat your oven to about 350 degrees
  • Butter the baking pan and set it aside
  • Break the eggs into a bowl and beat them using an electric mixer. Keep the mixer on low speed while beating the eggs.
  • Add sugar and cannabutter in the bowl containing the eggs and beat for about 10 minutes
  • Sift together cocoa, flour, salt and baking powder. Add the mixture of eggs gradually and beat until all the ingredients are properly combined. Stir in the organic vanilla extra and pecans.
  • Pour the batter into the baking dish that you set aside in the first step in readiness for baking. Bake for about 35 minutes and then remove the brownies to allow them to cool off.
  • Spread the icing over the fresh brownies
  • Ice the brownies to make them more delicious before consuming them. You can opt to skip this step if you don’t like icing your brownies.

Mistakes To Refrain From When Making Your Cannabutter-infused Brownies

Making brownies using cannabutter isn’t like making marijuana butter, where one has to worry about the amount of cannabis to use and how long to cook cannabutter in crockpot. Nonetheless, some mistakes can potentially cost you the delicious brownies you want.

Using The Wrong Recipe

Not every recipe will produce the most desirable brownies. Ensure the recipe you are following while baking your brownies will lead to the tastiest and potent brownies.

Using The Wrong Baking Equipment

Just like the ingredients you use for making your brownies matter a lot, the baking equipment also determines the quality and taste of brownies you will get. Make sure your baking equipment including baking pan and the oven is right for the baking job ahead.

Not Allowing The Brownies To Cool After Baking

You could have baked your brownies accordingly and using all the requisite ingredients and baking equipment. However, not letting the brownies to cool off after baking can ruin everything. They can smash easily and thus become disgusting.

Cutting The Freshly Baked Brownies Too Soon

It is tempting to cut your brownies the moment you pull them out of the oven. However, you will damage them and end up with nasty looking brownies other than pleasantly looking edibles you spent time baking. Wait for your brownies to cool off before cutting them.

Baking Under Too Much Heat

Yes, you like to bake your brownies faster so you can much them and experience the ‘high’ effect of consuming marijuana edibles. But like with preparing cannabutter where too much heat can be disastrous, also avoid baking your brownies under too much. Otherwise, they will stick to the baking pan.

Final Thoughts

With edibles such as cannabutter and cannabutter brownies, you can experience the highest possible effects and get the most from your weed. Prepare your cannabis juice today and infuse it with pot brownies to experience some strong effects that you would have otherwise never achieved from vaping or smoking your buds!

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