Do you think this guy is a bad friend or am I just overreacting? (Won’t make a delivery trip)

So long story short I haven’t smoked weed in forever, used to be a stoner but wanted to take a break and see what would happen if I stopped during quarantine. Now I got covid and I honestly feel fine but I literally can’t leave the house, so I wanted my friend to pick up some weed for me and he could leave it outside his house where I could got to pick it up.

And all of a sudden he’s like “oh I’m not gonna smoke anymore,” and it’s like come on dude can’t you be a homie and hook it up. If I was 21 I’d do it myself but I’m 1 year away from it, and I’ve only asked him once to go to the dispo with him bc he’s the only one who can buy.

I’m just pretty annoyed tbh, like I’ve been wanting to go to the dispo but then his grandma died (which is actually true and sad he sent me pics at the hospital) and so I asked him today and he gave me this bullshit ass excuse. All I wanted was something to keep the anxiety at bay while I stayed at home but I guess not.

It’s not something to end a friendship over obviously but shit like this adds up, and loyalty is just important to me and this shit is weak.

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