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Mother-of-three, 38, who beat stage four breast cancer only to be stuck down with five brain tumours just six months later reveals the signs that were missed – as she refuses to give up

  • Kristy Morton, from Perth, beat breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2019
  • The 38-year-old mother of three girls quit her business and managed to survive
  • But later a routine follow-up MRI doctors found five small tumours on her brain

A mother-of-three who survived stage four breast cancer has been diagnosed with five brain tumours six months after beating the disease.

Perth woman Kristy Morton, 38, is determined to remain positive and fight the illness, just having completed radiation treatment after her shock second diagnosis.

She said leading up to when she discovered a lump on her breast in 2019 she had been – and still is – a very health-conscious person who never considered she could become seriously ill.

‘I’ve just finished up my whole brain radiation and focusing on recovering from that. We will wait and see how they tumors reacted to that,’ Ms Morton told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Morton with her husband Glenn and their children (left to right) Mia, Eva and Holly in 2019

Ms Morton pictured on her first day of chemotherapy in 2019 said she battled the illness with a holistic approach

The busy working mum was also focused on raising her three daughters Eva, four, Mia six, and Holly, eight, as well as running two businesses.

Ms Morton explained she first noticed the lump as she was getting dressed and dismissed it but then her husband Glenn insisted she get a checkup.

After a mammogram followed by two biopsies the next day, Ms Morton said she received a call from her doctor asking her to come in again that evening with her husband.

That evening happened to be Halloween so, putting her family first, she went trick or treating with her daughters before visiting the doctor who told her she had breast cancer.

After a barrage of tests in the weeks that followed it was confirmed the cancer had spread to other areas including her sternum, lymph nodes and liver.

Ms Morton explained this caused her cancer to be diagnosed stage four ‘which, in medical terms, is incurable’.

The active Perth family (pictured in early 2020) has still managed to pack in activities during Ms Morton’s recovery

Ms Morton during her chemo treatment at a day out with her daughter Eva (pictured)

Ms Morton said she then quit her business and threw herself into researching and trying treatments – determined to fight – with the help of doctors, a nutrionist and a naturopath.

Some of her treatment included vitamin infusions, infra-red sauna, juicing, intermittent fasting, and meditating.

‘I think it’s all been working together. Using CBD oil was a big help with the side effects from chemo,’ Ms Morton said.

‘Also being careful in my diet really helped too. I switched to a ketogenic diet early on in my diagnosis – under the guidance of my oncology Natropath’.

Remarkably, in May 2020 she was declared to be in remission.

She explains she and her family were overjoyed until routine follow-up MRI six months later revealed five small clearly define tumours in her brain that would require targeted radiation.

Her diagnosis was then revised to whole brain radiation, except the hippocampus, after the tumours grew larger and less defined.

Kristy and Glenn enjoying Christmas on Friday at their Perth home with daughters (left to right) Holly, Eva. and Mia

Having completed the radiation therapy, she is now focused on winning her second cancer battle as she waits to find out how successful the treatment has been.

She credits her family, especially husband Glenn, her friends, and even strangers from the community who have pitched in, as being key to her staying positive in her battle.

Describing herself as an optimist she said she is focusing on each day and hopes to help others in similar situations in the future.

Family friend Elsa Mitchell started a GoFundMe page for Ms Morton and her family to help with her treatment and for repairs to a house the pair recently bought.

‘Kristy is a mother to Eva, Mia and Holly and wife to Glenn. They are her world and she is theirs,’ Ms Mitchell said.

She explained Ms Morton’s medical treatment is extremely costly – with weekly infusions, just one expense among many, costing $400.

More than 300 people have rallied to help Ms Morton, with more than $40,000 being raised as of Friday.

Ms Morton pictured ringing the bell after her radiotherapy said she is remaining optimistic and determined to fight the illness



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