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Lou Dobbs

Louis Carl Dobbs (born September 24, 1945) is an American television commentator, author, conspiracy theorist, anti-immigration advocate, radio show host, and the anchor of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network. Dobbs started working with CNN at its inception in 1980, serving as a reporter and network vice president. On the air, he served as host and managing editor of the network’s business program, Moneyline, which premiered in 1980. The show was renamed Lou Dobbs Tonight in 2003. Dobbs resigned from CNN for a short period of time in 1999 but rejoined the network in 2001. He resigned once again in November 2009. In 2011, he joined the Fox Business Network, resuming and anchoring his show, Lou Dobbs Tonight. He is the former talk radio host of Lou Dobbs Radio. Dobbs has authored several books since 2001. Dobbs was an early promoter of the birtherism conspiracy theory, which falsely posits that Obama is not a natural born US citizen. He is known for anti-immigration views, as well as for various deep state conspiracy theories and opposition to NAFTA and other trade deals. A Trump confidante, his show is known for its pro-Trump coverage.

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