Best CBD Beer to Enjoy Without Worries

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD.
Nowadays, you won’t even have to make your own recipes or concoctions to enjoy
CBD as there are products that already come with CBD infused in them.

One such product is CBD beer. It’s common for someone to enjoy a bottle or a glass of beer at the end of the day to relax or to hang out with friends, but not everyone likes the buzz of alcohol and its possible adverse effects when you consume too much. With CBD beer, you can sit back and enjoy a drink that won’t have you hungover the next day, since most CBD beers have minimal or even zero alcohol content.

Why Should I Drink CBD Beer?

By drinking CBD beer, you can alleviate problems such as pain, anxiety, and sleep deprivation, and you won’t have to worry about developing a dependence that alcohol can cause in some people. Furthermore, studies have suggested that CBD could help in treating problems caused by too much alcohol consumption, such as neurodegeneration and liver damage.

Will I Get High if I Drink CBD Beer?

Although CBD is derived from the cannabis
plant, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get high if you drink beer infused with CBD.
The component that’s responsible for the psychoactive high that cannabis is
normally associated with is THC. CBD oil is usually
derived from the hemp plant, which means that THC contents are negligible to

The Best CBD Beers

1. Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale Beer

The Humboldt Brewing Company is one
of California’s leading microbreweries, and one of their finest products is
their hemp ale. The unique hemp ale is made through brewing toasted hemp seeds
which gives the beverage a distinct, herby flavor, and it also has Apollo and
Willamette hops for the perfect balancing touch.

The 5.0% ABV American Brown Ale also has
some accolades under its belt. It won the Silver American Brown Ale in 2014 at
the Great International Beer & Cider Competition and received the Bronze
Medal in 2012 at the California State Fair.

2. Hemperor HPA

New Belgium Brewing’s Hemperor
HPA is another hemp-based beer that paved the way for the CBD craze in the
beer industry. The Hemperor HPA has an alcohol content of 7% ABV and boasts of
a one-of-a-kind flavor and aroma that even the most avid beer enthusiasts have
never experienced before.

The revolutionary drink is created through
marrying Simcoe and HBC 522 hops with hemp hearts, giving it a distinct,
cannabis-like scent. However, despite the aroma’s similarities with the plant,
Hemperor HPA contains no THC, so beer drinkers need not worry about a

3. Outbound Brewing Hemp Brews

Outbound Brewing has created the perfect
brew for those who want to enjoy beer and CBD but don’t want to be intoxicated
by alcohol. These nonalcoholic brews
come in three variations: Blood Orange Haze, Pale Haze, and Grapefruit Haze,
all providing a distinct flavor profile.

Each bottle has just 30 calories and
contains 20 mg CBD from broad spectrum hemp. There’s also an option for a
cannabis-infused brew. With Outbound Brewing’s Hemp Brews, you can enjoy a
hangover-free and relaxing bottle whether you’re at home relaxing by yourself
or drinking with your friends.

4. Green Times Brewing CBD Session IPA

Green Times Brewing has
created a special craft beer that is alcohol-free but will surely help you
loosen up after a long and tiring day. The CBD Session IPA is not only
alcohol-free, but is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. It uses a CBD
formulation that is free from THC so you won’t have to worry about getting high
as well.

The CBD Session IPA contains 10mg of CBD
per 330ml and has a flavorful combination of Amarillo, Mosaic & Waiti hops
for a balanced and refreshing drinking experience.

5. Two Flowers IPA

The Two Flowers IPA is the
creation of Coalition Brewing and is the first commercially produced
CBD-infused beer in Oregon. Coalition Brewing boasts of a perfect collaboration
of both the beer profile that the Pacific Northwest is known for and the
cannabis plant.

Each pint contains 5 mg of CBD which
naturally harmonizes with the light, crisp, bitter, and refreshing flavor of an
Oregon IPA.

6. Oh CBD Beer

The first
commercially-produced CBD beer in Asia, Oh CBD beer is a 3.5% ABV IPA which
has 20mg of CBD. The beer was locally brewed in Hong Kong by the OH5 Company in
partnership with the local One Kick Brewery.

Each batch of Oh CBD beer is hand-brewed with hops that are carefully selected to create the optimal atmosphere and experience for a tasteful and aromatic bottle of CBD beer.

So, there you have it- six CBD beers that you can seek out and enjoy right now. CBD has many benefits and with its compatibility with malt beverages, it’s an additive that is likely to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Special thanks to Areyo Dadar for this Great Beer Now guest post!



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