Ohio’s Medical Program in Nutshell// “hoping to rally enough support, to help improve and or get backers to support helping fix it.”

Start of Law:

State made a medical monopoly, after rejecting (legal monopoly in 2015 47-53). Law 523 passed 2016, which they delayed almost a year past initial set start date. Upon start up patients were told to first get product from Michigan, then after Ohio was set up, it was then illegal to cross state lines with product.( trying to point out the insainity.)

Medical Relief:

Most patients who have tried other things, to treat limited accepted conditions, which didn’t work or were unhappy with results. Patients found somthing else that helps and works for a medical reason, only downside is cannibis because of past, often may have a negitive stigma attatched; but truth is most like me are suffering with pain, ptsd among other things.

Current Law Flawed but Fixed in Place:

Law was set up so, only the legislators have power to change the actual law. Not even the board of pharm. which runs program can change which in order ti improve program is illogical.. but it’s a cash grab, at medical patients expensive. Would like to let others be aware what our state is doing. For support, unity is always better than divide.

What Patients Deal With:

Program we got: High cost/No job protection support/No deliever/Supply of what people need often, does meet demand/No small number growing rights/Rediculous lines, even with covid getting worse/ Limited days, 2 tiers, which make people spend more and take days of meds /High cost to instate, renew/ High taxes rates on.

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