Marijuana Industry in Iowa Reacts After House Passes Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana

DES MOINES, Iowa – On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to decriminalize marijuana. Now, several advocates in the state hope lawmakers will legalize cannabis in Iowa.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done here but obviously it’s a very promising sign,” said MedPharm Iowa Dispensary Manager, Stephen Wilson.

Wilson said if marijuana was legalized in the state, MedPharm could expand its product line, decrease the cost of its products, and people suffering from chronic conditions would be able to receive medical cannabis.

“It is another step in the right direction with the, with the passage of PTSD and the change in definition from untreatable pain or chronic pain but there [are] tons more conditions out there that people can get certified for that currently are unable to,” said Wilson.

Mark Langgin from the New Frontier Action agrees with Wilson. He believes the benefits of legalizing marijuana would present opportunities for Iowa’s economy.

“[It would] create a market opportunity for a company like MedPharm but then also others to enter into the market.”

According to the legislation known as the More Act, passed by the House, by 2022, cannabis sales are expected to reach $23 billion.

“Our economy is in a tough spot. High levels of unemployment nationally and here, we’re going to see…

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