Should marijuana be legalised: Lockyer candidates verdict

A PUSH to legalise marijuana for recreational use was defeated in New Zealand on Friday.

In New Zealand, the proposed law would have allowed anyone over the age of 20 to purchase up to 14 grams of cannabis per day at a price of $A18.80 per gram.

With many pushing to legalise marijuana in Queensland, the Gatton Star asked Lockyer candidates whether or not cannabis should be legalised for recreational use in Queensland.


Incumbent MP Jim McDonald (LNP) said there has been “a lot of positive moves from the federal government with regards to medicinal marijuana”.

“My personal view is that it should be decriminalised because it is a health and education issue, but we don’t want to have an open season on it,” Mr McDonald said.

In response to whether cannabis should be decriminalised in Queensland Mr McDonald said he “looks forward to having further conversations”.

On the topic of whether a youth curfew would be necessary in Gatton, Mr…

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