The Best Halloweed Activities to do When You are Stuck in Isolation

Halloween marijuana

Halloweed 2020 – what to expect? Previous years were comprised of a smorgasbord of activities from going to Halloween parties to trick or treating. Of course – you may be a tad bit old for trick or treating; unless of course you reframe your definition of “candy” – I guess treating yourself to a “trick” might be the adult-equivalent.

This year though; what can you do? In most cases – places will still be closed due to Covid meaning that most people will celebrate Halloweed indoors – just like they did the Fourth of July and 4/20.

But Halloweed by yourself has got to be boring? Right?

Well – let’s be honest. Most people reading this do go to their family and friend’s houses. We do have “some contact” with people close to us. Anyone who says different is probably a liar or a person so enthralled in the official narrative that they will not leave the confines of their home until they get the official “stamp of approval” from the “authorities”.

This means that in all likeliness – small Halloween parties are still going to happen. But for the sake of this article, we’ll assume that you weren’t cool enough to get invited to the clan-destine parties OR, you’re old enough to give two shits about going and would much rather stay home anyway.

Either way – the following article will give you a few options you can do this Halloweed while stuck inside due to COVID.

Pitch Black Blazing

In order to do this one you need simply a closet or a dark room. It needs to be absolutely pitch black. I mean, no light should be able to seep in. You’ve got two options. Smoke a big fat blunt really-REALLY quickly. I mean, smoke that thing and cough and really go for it!

Once you’re satisfied with your high. Turn off the lights or jump in the closet and close the door – whatever you’ve got set up – and chill there for a good 20-minutes.

If you want to ensure that you’re in there for 20-minutes, set an alarm on your mobile device or not. The idea here is to relax entirely. Don’t speak. Simply observe what is happening. The type of thoughts you have, the way your body feels in that moment. Do you feel emotions? If so, which ones? How intense are they? Where are they located on your body?

If you want to intensify the experience. Inhale deeply for 2-seconds and exhale for 4-seconds and repeat this for 30-times. On the 30th breathout – completely empty your lungs. Then – slowly inhale and fill your lungs to the top, all the way so that it almost feels like you’ve shot the air into the back of your head.

Hold your breath for 15-seconds, then slowly exhale until you have about 20-30% of oxygen left in your lungs and hold your breath. Relax, and try to hold it for as long as you can.

When you feel the urge to breathe, inhale and hold for another 15-seconds, then let go and relax. If you want – you can repeat this cycle three to five times. Just know that every round will intensify the experience and you may pass out. But you’ll have a ton of fun doing it and probably induce a regression or something of the sorts. Yay!

Talk to the Spooks

If you’re going to be more than just you – perhaps two or more people, why not try to communicate with the dead? Ghost Boxes or Spirit Boxes are devices that scan radio frequencies at different intervals. Allegedly, Ghosts can communicate via these frequencies.

So this is what you do.

1 – Identify a channeler – the first thing you’ll want is someone to be the vessel of communication. To do this, the person will get shitfaced stoned, preferably on some dank weed. Then, once they are high, they will wear noise canceling headphones and blindfold themselves. Once comfortable, whatever words they hear from the device, they simply say out loud.

2 – Talk to ghosts – the next part is simple. Start asking your blindfolded, artificially-deafened channeler questions. You’ll quickly start noticing spooky coincidences.

If you can’t find a Ghost box on Amazon – you can always download an app. There’s a bunch of them out there so I don’t know which ones are legit, but it’s the “Free-alternative” to buying a physical device.


Finally, do what most adults do. Get baked and binge new series or Halloween classics like “Halloween”, “A Nightmare on Elm’s Street”, “The Thing”, “The Shining”, or any other slashing, gashing, scary flick.

I wrote a piece on new series you can Bake-N-Binge this Halloweed for those who want to find some inspiration.

Essentially, to pull this one off you simply need a bunch of weed and Halloween-related munchies and some horror-flicks and you’re good to go.

What’s your plans for this Halloweed? Post them in the comments to help other isolated stoners enjoy themselves.







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