Toke or Taste? How to Figure out the Best Way for You to Take CBD Oil

With the CBD market slated to be worth $20 billion by 2024, its use is on the rise.

And why not? It’s natural and has proven to be effective against a wide variety of ailments.

For most people interested in the therapeutic benefits the first question is simple enough. What is the best way to take CBD oil?

Vaping? Tinctures? Pills? The truth is that all of these methods are great for the right people. Read on and we’ll introduce you to each method and the differences.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures are concentrated CBD in some form of solvent. The usual culprit is plant based oil, although glycerine and other bases can also be found.

Tinctures are the closest to a “pure” form of CBD as you’re likely to find. They contain few additives, just the material which has been pulled from the CBD hemp strain being processed along with the base being used.

They’re generally taken sublingually. By placing the solvent in the mouth and holding it there the CBD is able to absorb through the mouth and effectively bypass the liver and digestive tract.

Properly taken tinctures form the “middle of the road” option. It’s more effective at an equivalent dose than oral administration through the stomach and kicks in faster.

The effects don’t last as long however: the effects of a compound are related to the method of administration. In general, the faster the compound begins to work the more quickly the body process it.

They also tend to be a bit messier and more of a pain to administer than other forms of CBD, such as capsules, which has led to many people seeking alternatives.

Some tinctures are intended to be used on the skin. These have been found to be rather effective for localized pain management but absorb very inefficiently, leading to a somewhat expensive solution unless you have the right supplier. 

Pills and Gummies

Gelcaps and gummies are quite common these days. They’re probably the handiest form of CBD around since all you need to do is pop them in your mouth and either chew or swallow.

That said, the oral route of administration is pretty inefficient compared to most. For the person seeking therapeutic effects from CBD that means more is needed to achieve the same effect 

One big advantage is how discretely they can be taken. If you’re a bit nervous about people knowing you’re using CBD to manage a condition then innocuous gummy bears or nondescript capsules allow you to dose without the need for something more specialized.

They also have the advantage of giving you a known dose each time. Tinctures need to be carefully measured and there are a lot of variables if you choose to vape.

Often people will use pills or gummies as a baseline dosage and use small amounts of either a tincture or a vaping liquid to maintain the right levels of CBD in their system for their needs.

The other advantage of oral administration is that there’s no possible damage. Frequent use of ethanol-based tinctures can damage the mucosa in the mouth and while vaping seems benign some people still question the long-term effects.

While there’s definitely something to be said for the advantages the truth remains that oral administration is inefficient compared to the other options available to the potential patient.

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD is how many people start their journey into the effects of the compound.

It’s easy to see why. Vaping produces effects within seconds instead of minutes, it’s easy to titrate the dosage by spreading out hits from the vape throughout the day.

In addition to being fast-acting, vaping is also more efficient biologically than any other method of taking CBD.

Vaping is much less harmful than smoking, although there are plenty of people who still go the smoking route by using hemp flower which contains high levels of CBD and low-to-nil levels of THC. Of course, smoking still has all of the associated risks.

The only real disadvantage of vaping CBD is the fact that it lasts for a shorter period than other methods. Paired with an initial dose using a different method, however, the dose can be titrated easily to match the amount of relief needed by the patient.

Like any CBD compound, it’s important to have a reputable source as well. It’s doubly important to find a trusted source for vape oils since the quicker absorption also means possible contaminants absorb more efficiently in the lungs.

So, What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

The different methods of administration break down pretty easily given a bit of thought.

Sublingual and oral administration are best for conditions which are chronic and remain around the same during the day. This allows you to fine-tune the dosage over time until you get all-day relief.

For conditions which aren’t present at all hours of the day vaping is a great route. These include anxiety, pain which has “flare-ups” during the day, and even insomnia.

If your condition varies during the course of the day it’s not a bad idea to stack a few methods together. Using oral CBD for the initial dose and then using a vape pen to maintain the right serum levels has become quite common.

The important thing is to find a method which works for you. CBD dosage can be a bit touchy, so quicker methods are often the way to go for those new to the compound.

Are You Ready to Give it a Shot?

Have you figured out the best way to take CBD oil for you?

If you’re thinking of heading down the road to possible fast pain relief and nearly instant responsiveness in dosage we think that vape oils are the way to go. You can even pair vape liquid with other methods to get things just right.

Of course, we know you still have questions. If you’re new to this whole thing why not check out our FAQ and put those questions to rest?

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