Spruce CBD Review

Spruce CBD Review


I’ve gotta say, one of my favorite things about this product was the branding and packaging. It came in such an Instagram-worthy layout that I had to stop and take a quick picture before opening the bottle of CBD. The bottles come in a bright green box outlined with mountain and night sky drawings, almost like crude cave drawings from the Stone Age. Once I opened the box, three neat little bottles were lined on crinkle-cut cardboard strips that looked like wood shavings. There was a bright green and white card right in the middle of the box, offering a 15% deal by visiting takespruce.com/deal. 

The bottles were stained dark, presumably to keep the tincture fresh with as little exposure to sunlight as possible. I was able to hold the bottle up to the light to see how much liquid was still in the bottle. The label on the bottle was dark green to match the whole pine forest vibe of the product. Each bottle was clearly marked as Full Spectrum 750mg CBD. There were directions on the side of the bottle that showed the recommended amount of CBD to take. But since CBD is very subjective, you’ll have to experiment what amount is right for you. Once I had thoroughly examined the label and appearance of the product, it was time to take my first taste!

I unscrewed the child-proof cap and had to hold the bottle close to my nose to detect the scent. The flavor isn’t listed on the bottle but the constant reference to pine forests led me to believe that it was more of a minty pine scent. I filled up the dropper and observed that the color of the tincture was very dark, which is unusual for tincture. Many of the tinctures I’ve tried before range from light to dark yellow, but this color was straight brown (similar to the color of black coffee). The texture of the oil was indeed oily and rolled around easily under my tongue. 


That being said, the taste of the tincture was unique. There was a slight taste of minty flavor, but with an underlying hint of pine. The taste upon swallowing however was very bitter, and left a strong unpleasant aftertaste. I’ve tried quite a few CBD tinctures and this one was the first that I did not particularly like the taste of. 

As much as I wanted to love this product, the aftertaste somewhat threw me off. The packaging is phenomenal and made me excited to try it, but the taste was just not for me. The scent of the flavor became tainted as well, because all I could think of was the aftertaste. The color was also a bit of an issue for me, because it was murky and questionable, as many tinctures are much lighter colors. Lastly, the viscosity was consistent, but looked thick (similar to oxidized vape juice) as I sloshed it around in the bottle.

Effects & Benefits

The benefits and effects of this product vary with every user, as CBD is very subjective. With this product, it may very well work for stress, anxiety, and depression, but considering my issues regarding the taste, I didn’t use it long enough to accurately measure the effects and benefits. 

Price vs Value

The cost of this particular tincture is listed as $89 as a one time purchase, and $75.65 if you subscribe. I realize that the 15% discount card in the box was a reference to this price, not a 15% off code with a single purchase. I believe this price to be slightly expensive, as many other tinctures range around $60-$70 for the same 30mL quantity. 

Company Information

As stated in the beginning of the article, the company’s name is Spruce, and their website is https://takespruce.com. The company is based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, a great option for people looking to support companies based in the United States.


My final conclusion is that the CBD products offered by Spruce are high priced, beautifully packaged, strongly flavored, and well-received by their customer base. I loved the bottle design, the adorable packaging, the fact that there were nearly 800 reviews on all of their products, and only wish that the taste would have been more pleasant. If you’re someone who isn’t easily bothered by taste and cares more about quality, this product might just be the right one for you. I was disappointed in the flavor, as I so desperately wanted to like this product. Yet for the sake of honesty, I had to write otherwise. If any one reading this has tried the tincture and feels otherwise, please post your comments or reach out to us and let us know your experience! I look forward to future updates to the flavor of this product, and would love to try some of the other products available on the site. 

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