Should You Try CBD? Let’s Take a Look

Should You Try CBD? Let’s Take a Look

A lot of people are asking the same question right now: “Should I try CBD?” Our global culture is going through a particularly stressful time right now (thanks for nothing, coronavirus), and CBD is clinically proven to be an anxiolytic (read: anxiety relieving medication). But will it work for you? Let’s look at some factors.

CBD Works Differently For Everyone

Determining whether or not you should try CBD will eventually be proven with biomarkers — indicators within your biological makeup that can help determine how your body will react to CBD (or any substance, for that matter). This is something currently being studied by Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, and will deliver some pretty incredible results once they come to further conclusions.

But because we don’t have access to biomarkers yet, it’s hard to tell who cannabidiol will and won’t work for. Everyone’s body is different, and we all react differently to different substances, even something as simple as food (your cousin Linda who is gluten-intolerant can’t eat bread, but you’re chowing down on a baguette no problem). This is why some people say they don’t feel anything from CBD, and others have said it saved their life.

What Does CBD Help?

When evaluating if you should try CBD, consider why you want to try it. While cannabidiol is a powerful plant-based compound, it’s not a panacea and it doesn’t cure everything (unfortunately). For instance, CBD cannot cure COVID-19 (as far as we know, that is). It also doesn’t cure bronchitis or the flu.

However, when it comes to stress, anxiety, and mental health, this is where CBD seems to shine. Should you take CBD for your own mental health? It’s probably a good idea to try it out.

CBD Is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)

The World Health Organization essentially gave you the clear: CBD appears to be safe with no major side effects. This means that most people will tolerate it well, with no adversities. Hooray! So if the one thing holding you back from trying CBD was fear of tolerance, hopefully this puts you a little more at ease.

CBD Is Contraindicated With Some Medications

Here’s where we get into who should not try CBD. Because this part of the hemp plant is processed by cytochrome P450, a liver enzyme that metabolizes a lot of prescription medication (including chemotherapy drugs), those who are on consistent daily medication need to talk to their doctor first. This doesn’t mean you can’t use CBD, but before you try it, you have to consult a physician to ensure it won’t mess up your current medication.

All of this considered, if you’re stressed, anxious, and having a hard time coping, CBD might be a really helpful tool to get you back to a place of calm. With all of the benefits and very few side effects, it’s a safe bet that this plant-based wonder supplement could really support your mental health — it’s worth a shot, at least!

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