How To Maximize The Shelf Life of CBD Oil

It’s better to store CBD oil in a cool, dry, an dark place.

Here’s why:

When your CBD oil is exposed to warmer to hotter temperatures, the chemical composition can actually have slight changes.

While CBD oil is a purely organic substance from Hemp, the extraction process almost never results in 100% purity.

This means that other minerals (that are safe) in the oil may react to heat differently, causing the oil to change some of its properties.

Sometimes this means that the oil begins to turn into a more “buttery” form, and the oil starts to look murky.

On the flip side, some sources will offer freezing as an option for increasing the life of your oil.

This is largely dependent upon the type of oil you get, as some may see similar effects in freezing temperatures.

Freezing your CBD oil will generally not cause it to solidify, which means you can still use it, but it may create a cloudiness and increase its thickness.

If you’re looking to keep your CBD for extended amounts of time, putting in the freezer may very well help maximize the storage life.

Be sure to consult with the company that provides the oil, as they may have different guidelines.

Going back to heat, there are some areas you may not think about when it comes to exposure for your CBD oil:

  • Don’t keep it near your oven, stove, or range, as that may heat up the air around it.
  • You’ll also want to avoid leaving it in your car if you’re out somewhere and the sun may heat up your car like a large oven.
  • And avoid putting it on a window sill or similar where the sun can reach it as well.

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