How to Choose the Best CBD Pre Rolls

Since the dawn of time, human beings have wrapped plant matter up in rolling papers and smoked it. Smoking is as ancient as sitting around the fire at night watching for predators, so it’s understandable that this practice has stuck around so long.

The years, however, have changed the way we smoke. From healing or hallucinogenic substances smoked in traditional cultures to modern mass-manufactured cigarettes, smoking has gone through many changes. The most recent of these changes is the introduction of non-intoxicating cannabis into the international general market.

There are many ways to smoke CBD-rich hemp, but naturally, people like sticking with joints. These tried-and-true cannabis smokables have a lasting convenience that makes CBD joints the perfect CBD flower products to bring with you on the go. To avoid confusing non-intoxicating CBD with intoxicating marijuana, however, we like to refer to these types of smokes as “CBD pre rolls.”

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the CBD pre rolls we have to offer, and we’ll walk you through how to choose the right hemp pre rolls for your needs. Let’s dive into the CBGenius guide to how to choose the best CBD pre rolls.

What are CBD pre rolls?

Cannabis can contain THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, or any of the other cannabinoids that have been discovered to date. Depending on breeding, a particular cannabinoid can become dominant. CBD pre rolls are rolled smokes that contain CBD-rich cannabis with less than 0.3% THC.

In appearance, CBD pre rolls are just like joints. Unlike marijuana joints, however, CBD pre rolls do not get you high. Instead, they provide the same mild, non-intoxicating effects as any CBD product.

The main benefit of CBD pre rolls is their convenience. There’s no better way to enjoy CBD on the road or at an event than by smoking it in a convenient pre roll, and you’ll still have your dank CBD nugs back home for when things slow back down.

What are the best CBD pre rolls?

The CBD market has become a lot more competitive over the last few years. It used to be that consumers were stuck with a few options for CBD, but the increasing openness of the market has incentivized more entrepreneurs to enter the hemp industry. As a result, companies have to offer value that other brands don’t have, and CBD flower is rapidly becoming one of the fiercest areas of inter-brand competition.

There are a few ways you can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to CBD pre rolls:

Lab testing

Independent, third-party lab testing is an absolute requirement within the contemporary CBD industry. Only labs that are fully independent from CBD brands can provide reliable results, and consumers need these lab results to determine whether CBD products are safe and potent.

Every batch of CBGenius products is subjected to thorough lab testing by Hemp Nectar, an independent facility here in Colorado. To view these lab reports, scroll down on any product page.


Some of the first CBD-rich cannabis strains to be developed are still the best. At CBGenius, we started our CBD flower collection with The Wife and Cherry Wine to bring things back to basics. Each of these strains is nothing short of legendary within the cannabis industry, and the simple genetics provided by Cherry Wine and The Wife deliver reliable results each and every time.


The increasing openness of the CBD market should be driving prices downward across the board, but CBGenius is one of the only companies to offer CBD flower for a truly reasonable price. At, you can buy an entire ounce of CBD flower for the price of a top-shelf quarter ounce of marijuana buds at a dispensary. That’s part of our way of giving back to our customers and spearheading a new path of honesty for the entire CBD industry.

Quick signs you’ve found the right pre rolls

  • They taste right. Hemp that was grown well tastes good, and healthy genetics carry great terpene flavors.
  • They burn well. CBD pre rolls that are rolled unevenly might not burn well. Always check for manufacturing defects.
  • They don’t contain anything else. Who needs additives in CBD pre rolls? Absolutely no one—it’s best to stick with pure hemp for all the ingredients in your joints.
Cherry Wine CBGenius pre rollCherry Wine CBGenius pre roll
Light up a CBGenius pre roll today

About CBGenius hemp CBD pre rolls

As soon as the team at CBGenius decided to add CBD flower to our lineup, we realized that pre rolls would have to be a big part of the equation. People can’t deny the convenience of CBD pre rolls, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy the feeling of smoking a joint that doesn’t make you paranoid? The following two CBD pre roll options represent the best of what organic Colorado horticulture has to offer, and the CBGenius logo means you can trust what’s inside.  Meet The Wife and Cherry Wine:

CBD Flower Pre-Roll: The Wife

Containing 15-20% CBD per pre roll, this non-intoxicating The Wife joint offers all the nostalgic effects and aromas of this legendary non-THC cannabis strain. With a sweet, diesel, and floral terpene profile and a sativa-dominant genetic makeup, The Wife offers a clear, cerebral effect without any of the intoxicating detractors of THC.

CBD Flower Pre-Roll: Cherry Wine

Where The Wife is decidedly sativa, Cherry Wine is more of a hybrid strain, which means it contains a terpene mix that provides a balanced, relaxed effect. Our Cherry Wine pre rolls are boosted with isolate CBD, so they pack up to 35% CBD per joint. Like all our CBD flower products, our Cherry Wine CBD joints are shipped in smell-proof, discreet packages to all 50 states.

More CBGenius flower options

Pre-rolls are great when you’re on the go, but you might want something more substantial for when you get home. Here’s the lowdown on the other CBD flower options you have to choose from at

CBD Flower: Cherry Wine

In loose nug form, our Cherry Wine flower is available in 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and full 28-gram ounce options. Since this hemp flower has been boosted with isolate CBD, it’s even more potent than normal CBD nugs, and this strain’s strong cherry flavor will keep you coming back for more.

CBD Flower: The Wife

While we like offering a CBD flower option that’s boosted with isolate CBD, we also like to offer an option that’s au natural. CBGenius The Wife is available in 3.5g and 7g sizes, and it contains between 15-25% CBD. Whenever you want to indulge in CBD flower the way nature intended, grind up some The Wife nugs and enjoy.

Where should I buy CBD pre rolls?

Right here at When you buy CBD pre rolls at a dispensary, you don’t have as much information at your disposal, and there are plenty of disreputable CBD companies on the internet. At CBGenius, we make CBD into a science, and that’s the only way to deliver reliable, powerful products that truly change lives. Our CBD pre roll options toe the fine line between top-shelf quality and convenient affordability, and we offer free shipping to all 50 states.

How much are CBD pre rolls?

CBGenius pre-rolls are offered for $14.99 each. Pricing for CBD pre rolls is all across the board as you research the industry, but you’ll find that our pricing is about average for CBD smokes of this size. We always do our best to balance quality with pricing, and our CBD pre rolls offer the best value on the market.

A variety of factors can affect the pricing of CBD pre rolls. Just like any other industry, the quality of the ingredients you use plays a big role. Some brands, however, might charge extra just because CBD is a hot commodity. At CBGenius, we’re committed to sharing the healing utility of the hemp plant, and our reasonable CBD pre roll pricing reflects this pledge.

Cloudy sky with colorful cloudsCloudy sky with colorful clouds
Get lit without getting high

How do CBD pre rolls make you feel?

Inhaling CBD generally has a stronger effect than any other ingestion method. Known as pulmonary administration in medical science, inhaling a substance offers great bioavailability and almost immediate effects.

The moment the smoke from your CBD pre roll enters your lungs, tiny pulmonary cells called alveoli will begin to absorb the cannabidiol molecules and send them throughout your bloodstream. This administration method bypasses the digestive system to send CBD directly to your brain.

While smoking CBD pre rolls provides a briefer effect than oral administration, the effects are much stronger. For that reason, people who experience severe pain or frequent psychological distress turn to fast-acting CBD flower.

Cannabidiol is not intoxicating, which means that it doesn’t provide any of the paranoia-inducing, hallucinogenic, or other potentially distressing effects of THC. At the same time, however, CBD provides some of the same beneficial effects that have been associated with cannabis for thousands of years.

Smoking CBD pre rolls FAQ

Have any lingering questions about CBD pre rolls? Let’s clear them all up in the following section:

Is CBD flower legal?

It isn’t our place to weigh in on the legal status of CBD. At the same time, it’s clear to see that we ship our products to all 50 states, and our policy is the norm within the CBD industry.

New CBD laws have been passed in the last few years, and within the near future, it’s likely that the entirety of the Cannabis sativa plant will be mainstreamed into the wider economy. CBD will certainly be one of the first cannabinoids to receive regulatory attention since it was the first non-intoxicating cannabis constituent to become popular.

Stay tuned to for continuing updates on CBD law!

Is smoking CBD flower safe?

Any time you take smoke into your lungs, you’re potentially putting your health at risk. Smoke is incinerated plant matter, which means it was never designed to enter your lungs. Even in smoke form, plant matter contains particles that can harm your respiratory tract.

Smoking high-quality CBD flower, however, is very different than smoking cigarettes when it comes to your health. Even the best organic tobacco is bad for your heart, and mass-manufactured cigarettes are even worse. There are certain plants that just shouldn’t be smoked, and tobacco is one of them.

The smokability of hemp, however, is much more debatable. Sure, hemp smoke contains plant matter, and it can be harmful to your lungs. The substances inside of hemp flower, however, are very different from the substances inside of tobacco. Thoroughly research the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids present in Cannabis sativa flower, and trust your own judgment on their safety for smoking.

What’s the best way to smoke CBD flower?

There’s no more convenient way to smoke hemp flower than CBD pre rolls. Lighting up a CBD joint with your friends breaks the ice without making anyone paranoid, and there’s nothing more relaxing than puffing on hemp after a long day.

Remember that all CBD flower isn’t made equal, however. The best way to smoke CBD flower is to choose the best CBD flower around, and only CBGenius hemp nugs will do the trick. Once you’ve chosen the flower product you want to take home, follow these quick tips to enjoy the best effects:

  1. Don’t hold smoke in your lungs. Unlike vapor, doing so doesn’t provide increased effects.
  2. If you decide to save part of your joint for later, break off the charred portion to improve the taste the next time you light up.
  3. While non-intoxicating, CBD smoke can have potent effects. Remember to take this factor into consideration before lighting up a CBGenius pre roll.
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CBGenius CBD flower just got better

You love grinding up CBGenius buds and lighting them up at home with your vaporizer or bong. With CBGenius CBD pre-rolls, however, you can enjoy the same experience anywhere. Everything in our CBD pre rolls is made from hemp, and our lab-tested CBD is a scientific grade above the competition. Contact us with any questions, and choose one of the options above to get started with smoking CBD pre rolls today!

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