CBD For Wellness: What Does That Actually Mean?

CBD For Wellness: What Does That Actually Mean?

Should you take CBD every day? Great question. CBD is touted as a wellness panacea — but the reality is that it can simply help balance your body in a variety of ways. How does it play a role in your everyday health routine?  Let’s take a look at what CBD can do when used as a daily supplement.

What Does CBD Do?

By now you’re probably familiar with the (at a minimum potential) benefits of CBD. Though they’re still being researched, they include everything from reduced stress and anxiety, alleviated depression, relieved pain and tension, decreased inflammation, improved sleep quality and quantity, and so much more. Taking CBD every day could potentially help do all of these things on a daily basis.

What Does CBD Feel Like?

The way vitamins and supplements and medications should work: you don’t feel anything except better. CBD should be like this as well. The result: your symptoms are managed in a way that you may not even notice — pain disappears, panic attacks never come, and you don’t even realize that you’ve slept a full eight hours.

Sometimes you’ll notice, sometimes you won’t; it’s easier to notice when something’s wrong, but we often (unconsciously) take for granted when everything feels and works the way it should. This means you won’t necessarily notice super obvious effects of CBD (but sometimes you will!).

How Does CBD Do All These Things?

Taking CBD every day (or regularly) helps to modulate and balance the ECS — endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a management system of the body that regulates other systems, like your immune function, mental health, and even digestive tract. There are receptor cells in this system — CB1 and CB2 — that receive these cannabinoids and bind together. They then send signals to the brain and the rest of the body to help regulate your bodily functions and maintain homeostasis. The result? Less pain, fewer panic attacks, a better mood, higher quality sleep, etc, etc.

Does This Mean I Should Take CBD Every Day?

Contributing to this healthy ECS with the daily use of CBD can potentially help to improve your body’s overall function, your mood, and your life. Because CBD has rarely reported side effects, and the World Health Organization says that CBD is safe, it feels like a fair assertion to say that this could be a helpful supplement to take every day with little to lose.

Of course, you absolutely must talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement, especially CBD. Because CBD is metabolized by the same liver enzyme (cytochrome P450) as many other prescription medications, taking CBD every day could interfere with how you absorb your medicine — so be sure to confer with your physician!

By nourishing your ECS on a daily basis with CBD, you have the potential to stop health problems before they happen — preventative healthcare at its finest. Don’t wait for problems to arise to treat your body right!

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