What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

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CBD oil is
a highly controversial and in demand natural remedy in the market
today. This popularity is for a good reason, what with all the
benefits it can offer. While it is highly popular, many are still
wondering what exactly it is, how it works, and who the people are
that can benefit from this natural remedy. You can find all those
here in this article.

and CBD Oil

The hemp
plant is where Cannabidiol comes from, but of course, CBD doesn’t
just come from any hemp plant. Good quality CBD oil comes from hemp
plants grown to have high CBD and low THC content. CBD oil, as well
as all other CBD products, is different from any marijuana-based
products, as those come from different plants with high THC traces,
which are illegal.

THC is a
psychoactive compound found in marijuana products and is one of the
more than 85 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD or
Cannabidiol is another of those compounds, which is extracted from
hemp plants. Hemp and CBD are non-psychoactive substances unlike THC,
which means it does not make you feel “high.”

There are
many similarities between CBD and THC, but the stark difference is
the former is non-psychoactive. It means it will not cause you to
experience paranoia, anxiety, or eye and mouth dryness. You won’t
experience any of these symptoms even when you consume pure CBD oil
in higher concentrations.

Most of the
CBD oil products today are extracted from high-quality hemp plants
because of its inherent advantages. Even industrial hemp with high
concentrations of CBD only has trace amounts of THC. It means it is
safer to use and the users will experience a mild and fewer symptom,
so there is nothing to worry.

Has Wide Range Natural Health Benefits

to research, there is a wide range of natural health benefits that
make pure CD oil an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses.
While the studies on CBD’s positive characteristics are still
ongoing, the consumption of the compound has been proven to be
relatively safe. It is also legal in all 50 U.S. states without
needing a prescription.

Cannabis oil (different than CBD oil) is not legal due to its THC
content and psychoactive effects. As such, you might be breaking the
law if you purchase or use Cannabis oil or THC in states where it is
considered illegal. CBD oil, on the other hand, enjoys recognition in
the medical world over the last decade.

It has been
studied and scrutinized these past years with experts studying the
many benefits of Cannabidiol. CBD has been found to help people
medically, especially those with specific health conditions. It helps
to fight disease, reduce pain, control appetite, regulate sleep,
improve the immune system, and more.

CBD can offer all these benefits with the cannabinoids binding themselves to cannabinoid receptors, which are found all over the body. The bulk of these receptors are found in the nervous system. With the cannabinoid interacting with the receptors, it stimulates the receptor and therefore providing the body with significant improvement in a vast range of bodily functions.

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