Monopoly, the Ukiah version – The Ukiah Everyday Journal



By Johnny Keyes

Possibly you have not observed this but, but when I saw it at Walmart, I believed that it was a definitely cool concept. It is the game of Monopoly, only it is a Ukiah version. What a excellent and exciting concept, till I looked at it a small closer. The bowling alley is one particular of the properties on the game board. There will not be a bowling alley any a lot more. So, my concept is to make small replacement cards for the corporations or entities on the game board that go out of enterprise.

When a enterprise goes down, just place on a new card to replace the original one particular. I recommend placing the newly proposed pot dispensary that is close to the church and the mobile household park as the replacement for the spot that the bowling alley took. Why not. This is idiocy, and who does not like a small stupid in the board games that we play.Apart from, we want a pot dispensary on each block. Do not we?

Rather of a Railroad on all of the streets, I’d place pot dispensaries. Let’s preserve it genuine. And as an alternative of Go to Jail, and the Jail on opposing corners of the old game, the new Ukiah game board has Visitors Jam on every corner. For genuine. How suitable. The designers of this game apparently knew about the upcoming “Road Diet” on State street. Possibly there should really be a Ukiah version of Trivial Pursuit or Danger, also.

Now, I do consider that some other modifications should really have been regarded. The quantity of funds that the “Bank” begins with is $15,140. That is not sufficient. We lost more than a million dollars a year in lost tax revenues from the delay of Costco coming into town, and it was delayed for years. And speaking of losing funds, why didn’t the game designers place the Palace Hotel on the game board? A clear oversight. If they have been considering ahead, they would have identified that the Palace Hotel will outlast most of the other corporations on the game board. Certainly, the Palace Hotel has been about longer than the properties and corporations that they picked and utilised.

And no one ever wanted the low-cost Mediteranean and Baltic Avenues, so I would have recommended employing the Palace Hotel, and the Courthouse. They are worthless, just like Mediteranean and Baltic.

And they took the Take a Likelihood card positions off of the new Ukiah Monopoly board. I’d have utilised these spaces for the City Council, and the Board of Supervisors for all of the apparent factors. I’d have place street potholes and homeless encampments all more than the game board. Everywhere.

And the original Monopoly board had a space for Free of charge Parking. Effectively, the Ukiah Monopoly board did away with that. I want that they would have asked for my input. I could have come up with a a lot more correct game board. It would seem that funds is spent on some projects in Ukiah like it is a game, and it is just play funds.

And the dice? Oh, I’d have utilised loaded dice. Once more, my purpose is apparent.

Now, the new Ukiah Monopoly game has two play modes. Regular play, and one particular hour play. I’d have added a year play and a decade play selection, simply because it would seem that some constructive adjustments in Ukiah have taken that extended. And I’d have place in some various properties that are constructive entities, like the Boys and Girls Club, or Crush Restaurant. Why didn’t they make it on the game board? Oh effectively. It is just a game. And it does seem to me that particular City Council members and Supervisors, as effectively as other city officials like to play games.

So, if you are asking yourself what to get them for Christmas, right here it is. Monopoly Ukiah!! For me, I favor the Game of Life or Candyland as an alternative of Cards against Humanity or Monopoly, personally.

Oh effectively. That is just me.

Game on!

-Johnny Keyes is a Ukiah resident.