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The Chocolope Kush strain is not just the perfect sativa, it is also genetically all Sativa. It has preserved the best qualities of chocolate detail in the landrace style that stood before it, and also added some new, dull ones.

Chocolope Sativa was developed by DNA Genetics in the Netherlands and is probably the cannabis breeding capital of the world. It was a huge success when it came out in the 1980s and it has remained so today. It has been awarded the High Times Strain of the Year Award (2001), the Cannabis Cup, the Hydro High Life Cup and much more.

Even though it’s an older strain, cannabis connoisseurs still love Chocolope’s controlled high and rich chocolate subtleties. Chocolope Kush is sold at a premium in many medical and recreational dispensaries, where it is easy to identify thanks to stable genetics and its resinous and dark color. It looks like the popularity of this unique strain isn’t going away anytime soon. The steady Chocolope price has remained relatively high for several years- people aren’t getting tired of Chocolope anytime soon!

If you try Chocolope, you will first notice the fruitiness. Usually based on citrus or, as its name suggests, cantaloupe base, this fruitiness is quickly overpowered by aromatic coffee and chocolate themes.

While the Chocolope marijuana strain is indeed great for chocolate lovers, you don’t need to be one to enjoy the complex mouthfeel of the strain. In other words, if you start to exchange a cup of coffee for chocolope hits at 10:00 am, do not be too surprised!

Within a few seconds of inhalation, the high get cerebral. It’s intense, a throwback to the days of Thai Sticks and hash smoking. In the 1980s, when this strain first came out, a high this pronounced was almost unheard of.

Euphoria and a motivated, bubbly mood take over next – strong, but very manageable. This is the best part of the high for many Chocolope users, who say it’s a great daytime strain that helps them thrive in social situations. Apparently, Chocolope is also the perfect way to make more mundane activities like chores and other obligations seem a lot more interesting. Of course, don’t drive while under the influence!

There are few reported side effects of the Chocolope marijuana strain; the main two are dry mouth and headaches. Fortunately, both are quite rare, probably because Chocolope’s THC content is rarely over 20%. It is quite easy to find the right dose of the strain without overdoing it and suffering from the potential side effects.

More information about Chocolope marijuana

Chocolope, an earthy, fruity and uplifting sativa, is a delicious medical marijuana (medical cannabis) strain from DNA Genetics with highly cerebral effects. The effect of Chocolope is similar to that of most sativas, but the mood-enhancing and anti-stress effects are prevalent in this strain. Chocolope is also known for stimulating the appetite.  The combination of stimulating energy together with the elevation of mood and stress relief properties make this strain a perfect combination for any patient struggling with depression or other mood disorders. Chocolope is a cross done by DNA Genetics of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope. DNA crossed the OG Chocolate Thai female with a cantaloupe male to make the original strain and has developed it ever since. Chocolope is said to bring back the note of chocolate that was more common among good weeds in the 1980s. Chocolope grows huge and wide and is best grown indoors. Many breeders joke that “Chocolope will take over your garden”. The enormous size is due to Sativa genetics. Sativas typically grow much larger than indica plants and can grow up to 20 feet tall, an amazing height.

Despite its name, Chocolope rarely smells or tastes like chocolate. Most batches have a citrusy, fruity aroma that’s sweet to taste. Depending on the batch you acquire, you may get coffee, cocoa and melon undertones on the exhale.

With Thai and Haze genetics, this cannabis strain has clear sativa characteristics that’ll uplift the consumer and foster focus. Chocolope is energizing enough to serve as your morning cup of coffee and can motivate you to get things done without being too overpowering.

Medical marijuana patients enjoy this strain because it allows for medication without sedation. Chocolope’s ability to promote focus can help those with ADD or ADHD. Its uplifting qualities and ability to cultivate a sense of well-being also make it a good choice for patients with depression, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. However, because Chocolope has sativa characteristics, it should be used with caution by consumers prone to paranoia and anxiety.

Users who are new to Sativa heavy marijuana strains are urged to try this cannabis in forms that will give an overall mellow high experience. Recommended consumption:

  • Edibles
  • Live resin
  • Concentrates
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Extracts

Smoking this strain will hit instantly and the overall high can be intense for users. Using this strain in the form of edibles allows consumers the benefit of a nice, well-rounded high that slowly hits and slowly fades.


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