CBD & The Vaping Crisis


Vaping is rapidly gaining traction as a preferred delivery system for CBD, THC, and nicotine products. And while we can’t speak for the latter two, vaping CBD—from trusted sources—is perfectly safe. 

However, with every rising trend comes a wave of companies that cut corners to make a quick buck. Often at the expense of the consumer.

Vitamin E Acetate & The Vaping Crisis

If you follow any news outlet, you’ve likely read about what popular media is calling a vaping crisis. 

There are still several unknowns as to what is causing this sudden outbreak of vaping related illnesses. Although, most signs point to shoddy ingredients found in black-market THC vape cartridges. 

A common tie between cases of these illnesses is the presence of Vitamin E Acetate used as a cheap thickening agent. This ingredient is harmless when ingested or used topically, but can cause serious illness when vaporized and inhaled. 

Vitamin E Acetate comes in many forms, both naturally occurring and synthetic, and none are safe to inhale. Other concerns around vaping have stemmed from the use of synthetic cannabinoids and flavoring additives.

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

 Our bodies are wired to interact with naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis. We can process these natural cannabinoids with no ill effects. However, in a world that has historically frowned upon the use of plant-derived cannabinoids, synthetic versions have been created in mad-scientist fashion.


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