Can You Smoke Shrooms? Will It Make You Trip?


This is a legit query that I got from a single of my lengthy time mates – can I smoke shrooms?  Though I’m not an professional on this subject, I figured it was worth my two cents so you could discover out if certainly, mushrooms are smokable.  It wouldn’t be whacky Wednesday devoid of some bizarre weblog update, now, would it?

Can You Smoke Mushrooms in a Joint or Bowl?

The consensus out there is that you can not smoke mushrooms.  It just does not perform that way.  Though you could discover some persons out there that inform you that you CAN get higher smoking mushrooms, it is a quite little percentage of persons out there that have that stance.  I will go on record saying that I’m a marijuana advocate, and do not genuinely dabble in something else, not even mushrooms.

Mushrooms are finest consumed taken orally, like meals.  You can also blend them into a tea and drink them.  As far as smoking them, I do not even know you would go about that, other than grinding them up and rolling them in a joint or placing them in a bowl, which for starters, wouldn’t burn like grass does.

The other believed procedure out there is that the heat that would burn them will kill all of the psychoactivity they sustain, hence acquiring rid of any purpose to consume them.

I like to normally appear at each and every equation from 3 sides, so I consulted with a single of my preferred cannabis forums, this a single was called RollitUP, and these are some of the comments I located in a thread about this precise subject.

A single forum poster had this to say:

attempted it. smoked a half bag 1/8th of shrooms (libertys) and it did totally practically nothing.. nonetheless ate the other half 1/8th with a buddy and guess what occurred 30mins later..

trails. spinning. PUKE and i was higher as freaking hell. buddy was speaking to matchsticks. hah!

But of course, like I mentioned, there are other opinions, and yet another weighed in with this:

i smoked 1/8th and tottaly tripped my brains out i didnt know how to open my door it was sweet i recomend it toall

The take I enjoyed the finest was:

You Can…It will taste like shit…It will make What ever u smoked it out of taste like shit…And your buddy will get in touch with u an idiot for a year….Then u have to believe to your self IS it worth it?……….Just consume the shrooms lol Theres a greater likelihood u will get higher

So there you have it, a couple of opinions on if you can smoke shrooms.

Lastly, an opinion calls any person a liar that says they tripped out just after smoking shrooms.  So it is a hugely intense debate we have going right here, and there appears to be no finish in close to.

This leads me to ask the audience – has any person out there attempted smoking mushrooms?


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