Arizona’s Neighbor Announces Marijuana Legalization Strategy


By Morgan Lee, Linked Press

Arizona’s eastern neighbor has revealed a new recreational marijuana legalization proposal. The New Mexico proposal for legal marijuana sales unveiled on Oct 16th would subsidize healthcare marijuana purchases for low-revenue sufferers by way of taxes on recreational cannabis sales and set aside cash for police departments and loans to cannabis startup corporations.

The proposed law would prohibit nearby governments from banning marijuana sales, although they would be permitted to apply restrictions on organization hours and areas, stated Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis, who led the governor’s professional panel on legalization. That provision is aimed at curbing illicit markets and retain marijuana shoppers from traveling extended distances.

“We’re going to use some of the income from recreational marijuana to reinvest … so we do not shed these sufferers,” Davis stated.

Health-related marijuana which is presently taxed on typical at 7% would turn out to be tax-no cost. And millions of dollars would be set aside to subsidize cannabis for low-revenue sufferers who have qualifying healthcare circumstances such as cancer, post-traumatic anxiety disorder or chronic discomfort.

All licensed recreational marijuana enterprises would be essential to serve the healthcare marijuana marketplace, with priority offered to healthcare sufferers when supplies are scarce.

Essential options:

  • A 10% excise tax on recreational marijuana was recommended, with the proceeds divided equally in between state and nearby governments. Combined with regular gross receipts taxes on sales and organization transactions, that would imply an typical markup of 17%.
  • Non-smokable marijuana merchandise would be tested and labeled to show the concentration of psychoactive THC.
  • Household developing of recreational marijuana would continue to be prohibited.
  • Legal cannabis would be treated a great deal like alcohol when it comes to the workplace, with no modifications with regards to accidents and injuries involving cannabis that outcome in workers’ compensation claims.

The suggestions from the 23-member professional panel set the stage for this new push to authorize the recreational use and sale of marijuana when New Mexico’s Legislature convenes in January 2020.

AP Photo/Elaine Thompson


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