Announcement Washington Re New Vape Emergency Guidelines & Regs


The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (Board) nowadays adopted emergency guidelines constant with the directives of Executive Order 19-03, dated September 27, 2019. On October 10, 2019, the Washington State Board of Well being followed by issuing emergency guidelines that prohibited the sale of flavored vapor goods by persons licensed below chapter 69.50 or 70.345 RCW.

To carry out the directive established by EO 19-03 and State Board of Well being emergency guidelines, today’s emergency guidelines demand two actions by licensees.

  1. Marijuana licensees should disclose all compounds, like but not restricted to components, solvents, additives, preservatives, thickening agents, terpenes and other substances utilized to generate or added to marijuana concentrates for inhalation or marijuana-infused extracts for inhalation at any point for the duration of production and processing, regardless of supply and origin.

Mainly because the outbreak of lung illness is occurring now and developing, the instant adoption of rule requiring disclosure of compounds and other substances added to marijuana concentrates for inhalation or marijuana-infused extracts for inhalation is vital for the preservation of public wellness, security and basic welfare by assisting public wellness officials in isolating the compounds and goods that might be connected to the current outbreak of lung illness.

This disclosure type can be identified right here. Please adhere to the guidelines inside the document and submit to [email protected]

  1. Executive Order 19-03 orders and directs the Board to deliver customer warnings by requiring that warning indicators concerning the posting of warning indicators concerning the wellness dangers of vaping at retailers exactly where vapor goods containing THC are sold. The Board worked with the business representatives and marijuana licensees to create these warning indicators.

This emergency rule requires licensed marijuana retailers to conspicuously post a warning sign supplied by the Board concerning the wellness dangers of vapor goods exactly where vapor goods, as defined by WAC 246-80-10(12), are sold. The sign might be downloaded from the Liquor and Cannabis Board internet site right here.

Note: please note that this sign is diverse than the sign supplied earlier. Today’s Board action aligns all indicators inside the marijuana and vapor/tobacco marketplaces

This notice can be identified at

As normally, please refer to the LCB internet site at for the newest details. Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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