Peoria City Council approves cannabis sales introduces 2020-2021 price range


PEORIA, Ill. – Tuesday evening the Peoria City Council authorized the sales of recreational marijuana in the city.

Having said that, the areas of marijuana dispensaries have recommendations that they need to comply with, accord to City Manager Patrick Urich.

“The Illinois Common Assembly place in a distance requirement of 1,500 feet that the establishment’s cannot be subsequent to a single an additional,” Urich stated. “We began to appear at the distance that we would want to set for the City of Peoria.”

The council agreed that dispensaries will not be capable to operate 500 feet inside a daycare, college, property of worship, or spot exactly where minors congregate.

“What we looked at was our liquor license distance requirement is 100 feet from schools and other sensitive buildings. Our tobacco licence is 350 feet from schools and other sensitive locations. So, we looked at saying that for cannabis 500 feet was a defensible quantity we could set for that distance requirement to be met,” Urich stated.

For the initially wave in 2020, only 3 recreational marijuana licenses in the 5 county region are obtainable.

“It is now up to the state of Illinois to decide who gets the licenses,” Urich stated.

Craft growers, dispensaries, and cultivation centers will be capable to operate in industrial districts, and specific utilizes in industrial and agricultural districts.

Also at the meeting, Urich introduced the 2020-2021 Biennial Price range.

In the price range, Urich proposed zero boost in house taxes and no furloughs or layoffs.

Not too long ago, citizens in Peoria noted that they did not want to cuts for the city’s public security. An on the net price range challenge was issued in July, exactly where residents would show how they would strategy the price range. On typical, the survey final results showed that residents would concentrate 38.eight % of the price range on public security.

Residents in Peoria would see an boost in the month-to-month price for garbage collection.

“Based upon the contract we have with Peoria Disposal Firm, our charges for garbage collection and disposal subsequent year will be a small more than $9 million. The income set at $19 per household will not cover that price,” Urich stated.

To cover the price, the month-to-month charge for garbage collection and disposal will be raised to $21.

Also recommended for the price range is $two.five million for a replacement fire station in 2020 and in 2021.

Urich stated that the purpose would be to relocate station 16.

“Station 16 is an older fire station that was initially a township fire protection district station, it is really smaller,” Urich stated.

The purpose would also be to relocate station 19 closer to War Memorial Drive to far better serve the region.

The price range for the Peoria Police Division would be decreased, but staffing would stay the very same at 249, with at the moment more than 21 vacancies.

“We’re encouraging the division to larger as rapidly as they can. But, there’s no way that they’re going to be capable to employ and fill all of these positions with the pending the retirements that are going to be following up on these 21 present vacancies,” Urich stated.

That permits the police price range to be decreased by $800,087.

Urich stated the fire division has been more than their authorized strength by 3 positions.

“All we’re recommending is that these 3 positions, when persons retire, do not get filled,” Urich stated.

In the subsequent two years, $30.five million would be place towards streets and sidewalks. Also, $17.four million will go towards the sewers.

City council did not make any votes for the price range tonight, they will assessment and talk about extra of the price range in additional meetings till Nov. 12th.


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