Our Picks For The Very best Weed In Las Vegas


Las Vegas has a lot of terrific weed suitable now, some of the ideal in the planet. Right here we’ll go by way of the ideal weed in Las Vegas, Nevada and exactly where you can get them. The picks right here are primarily based on actual user knowledge.

This list technically covers all of Nevada as we have attempted pretty a bit of cannabis flowers from Reno, Lake Tahoe and Ely, but we haven’t attempted every thing but. So as we come across terrific brands we will continue to add to this list.

Got brand you feel we must attempt? Please let us know beneath in the comments!

All the brands described right here have terrific merchandise and not just about every flower they generate is the exact same. A single strain may possibly be improved than a different brand’s on a distinct week so we do not rank these in order from ideal to worst. We place them alphabetically because that is the easiest way to organize them.

Most of these flowers are gleaming with THC crystals and the ones that do not show it as substantially is due to poor lighting from getting on the incorrect side of the sun in a creating. We hope this list tends to make your cannabis knowledge terrific when in Las Vegas.

Tip: Do not often go to the dispensary your Uber, Lyft or taxi driver recommends. Cannabis costs differ considerably lot in Las Vegas for the exact same merchandise. For instance, a Brass Knuckles cartridge at Pisos was $120 and at Essence it was $85. See our post on Las Vegas driver kickbacks for a lot more information.


You can now get Cannabiotix cannabis flower in each California and Nevada. Regularly amazing merchandise has produced Cannabiotix some of the ideal weed in Las Vegas. A single of my favourite strains from them has been Tangie.

They have the most perfected Tangie flower of any I have attempted and that is a strain I frequently go seeking for in the shop. Cannabiotix weed is obtainable in numerous shops all more than Las Vegas.

Well-known strain: Tangie

Get a lot more information on Cannabiotix right here, come across them close to you right here, and verify out their Instagram for amazing pics.

Greenway Las Vegas

greenway las vegas
Greenway Las Vegas may possibly be the ideal tasting weed in Las Vegas.

Greenway Las Vegas, formerly Greenway Healthcare,  is a cultivator primarily based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Began seeing them in dispensaries about a year ago. They are identified for possessing exceptional taste, but they are not lacking on strength at all either. Greenway is certainly making some of the ideal weed in Las Vegas.

best weed las vegas
Verify out these crystals!

Greenway Las Vegas cannabis is obtainable at our favourite dispensary, Essence Tropicana West. Their shop locator is presently down and I could not come across them on Weedmaps, but we will add then when it is back up.

You can discover a lot more about Greenway Las Vegas on their site. For now, their Instagram has been taken down.

Well-known strain: Curious George #7

Polaris MMJ

polaris mmj head cheese
A single of the ideal strains anyplace, pretty energetic

Polaris MMJ is most probably named right after Polaris Street in Las Vegas. It is in an industrial region just west of the strip. Polaris Street Cafe is worth checking out if you finish up there as properly. I like to feel someplace in that region, Polaris is creating best notch flower. A single of my favourite Polaris MMJ strains is Headcheese. Pretty cheesy, energetic, and robust. I am not the only a single that thinks their merchandise are terrific, their Headcheese strain won Very best Strain in Las Vegas for 2018 in Las Vegas Weekly.

best weed las vegas nv
Lighting was not so superior right here, but appear close and you can nevertheless see the crystals.

Polaris also tends to make some of the ideal prerolls in Las Vegas. They’re applying nugs and you can inform on the flavor. You can come across Polaris MMJ close to you on their shop locator. Verify out their Instagram for pics.

Well-known strain: Head Cheese

Remedy Cultivation

remedy yourself
Their motto is “Remedy Yourself” and that is what their weed is for.

Every thing so far I have attempted from Remedy Cultivation appears like it came out of a magazine. Remedy is certainly creating some of the ideal weed in the planet. As close friends from California come to go to and say how terrific their bud is, I show them Remedy’s flower and they are blown away by the high quality. Fantastic in weed is Remedy Cultivation.

With a strain like Bio Jesus, you have to assume they are undertaking the Lord’s function. The Remedy cartridge is amazing as well. We featured it on our ideal cartridges of Nevada list. If they get about to altering the cart to tougher-hitting hardware like CCELL, it will be a single of the ideal anyplace.

remedy cultivation
Cracked this nug in half, crystals galore

You can come across a lot more data on Remedy Cultivation on their site. Verify out pics on their Instagram.

Well-known Strain: Bio Jesus

The Grower Circle

The Grower Circle is a group of growers that place with each other amazing high quality herb. The Grower Circle prerolls are some of the ideal I have attempted anyplace. They are commonly a couple of dollars a lot more than the subsequent a single, but properly worth it.

redwood vs the growers circle
Weed from a Redwood prefill on the left. The Growers Circle on the suitable applying superior nugs.

I feel The Grower Circle should do smaller sized batches as it sells out rapid and then you do not see them in shop for a although.  When I do see it obtainable, frequently it is at Nevada Created Marijuana in Laughlin.

Come across a lot more information on The Grower Circle on their site and verify out their Instagram for pics. You can come across their merchandise close to you applying their shop locator.

Well-known Strain: VLB Orange Cookie, comparable to Orange Cookies

Virtue Las Vegas

Triple G and Virtue OG are some of the ideal weed strains obtainable in Las Vegas. Normally making best notch flower, Virtue Las Vegas weed is obtainable all more than town. They also do not go affordable on the prerolls. Normally nug, often tasting terrific, their prerolls are some of the ideal and on par with The Grower Circle.

Well-known Strain: Diamond Dust

Verify out the Virtue Las Vegas site for a lot more information. See this list of dispensaries that carry Virtue merchandise and verify out their Instagram for some of the ideal flower pics anyplace.

Willies Reserve


A brand that is either owned or connected with Willie Nelson, Willie’s Reserve has made pretty higher high quality weed. Recognized for possessing a frosty appear, their weed is obtainable in Nevada and Colorado.

You can get a lot more information on Willie’s Reserve on their site and come across them close to you on their shop locator. Verify out their Instagram for pics.

Well-known strain: La Platina

Concluding our ideal weed of Las Vegas roundup

All brands described above have made regularly amazing weed. There has to be some we are missing and new brands are often coming out, so verify back to this list later to see what we’ve added.

Is there a brand you feel must be on this list? Comment beneath or in our forum!


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