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Dating can be so awkward. Practically nothing like a new romance to enhance the weight of that emotional baggage. Like most of the people today I know, I deal with it by finding as baked as achievable. Even so, this can backfire and when it does, the outcomes can be catastrophic. If you opt for to get stoned ahead of a date, beware… Do not finish up like these people today. 

All names have been withheld to guard the “highly” embarrassed…

Puff Puff Pass??? 

Back in the day, I went to a film with this girl and we went to smoke a joint ahead of it began. I was in higher college so it was the dime bag days. We had the a single joint and unless it was a random street score, that was all we have been going to get. 

I light it up and pass it. Then, she passes it back. I go to inhale but I didn’t truly grip the joint. I sucked the complete lit factor into my mouth and the cherry burned the shit out of bottom lip. I coughed/spattered out the joint and it hit the pavement. Covered in spit, on the ground, it was certainly carried out. Plus, neither of us had a pipe anyways. She only got a single toke and was so mad due to the fact we didn’t have any longer. I attempted to make out with her for the duration of the film but she stated no due to the fact of the burn on my lip.  

Guy passing out on a date from a dab 

My ex and I had just broken up and I didn’t take lengthy to start out up a Tinder account. Wanting a guy that smokes weed, I created confident that my account stated I was 420 friendly. I hit it off appropriate away with this a single guy who told me that he smokes a half ounce every day. So, for our initial date, I met him at a cannabis lounge. He seemed like a good guy but possibly a small bit overconfident. I was a small shocked when I had to clarify what a dab was to him.

So, I give him a smaller dab (I swear it was smaller!). He didnt cough a lot but I could inform that it hit him challenging. He couldn’t preserve up with the conversation and kept staring off into space. When I went to the bathroom and came back, he had fallen asleep at the Dab Bar. They have been waking him up to kick him out. I greened him out with a single dab.

This under no circumstances normally happens…

I went on a initial date with a guy that acted like all he did was smoke weed. Then we light up a joint, a single toke and he begins coughing. I imply coughing! His complete face went vibrant red and his eyes popped out of his head, I swear. In in between gasps, he began saying, “this under no circumstances normally takes place, this under no circumstances normally takes place.” I couldn’t get it out of my head. It set our date off on the incorrect track and we under no circumstances went out once again, but he did contact me. It became a factor with me and my mates. When a single of us begins to cough, we say this under no circumstances normally takes place. Even my dad does it now.

Hot dabs and as well lots of thoughts

I really like dabs and I like em hot. I like to cough till I am gasping due to the fact it gets me super duper stoned. Normally, I get intense dab sweats. My buddy set me up with a buddy of hers due to the fact the guy liked hot dabs as well. So we meet at a lounge and he’s not undesirable. He even brought me some dabs I had under no circumstances attempted named diamonds. Excited, due to the fact right after all diamonds are a girl’s greatest buddy, I heat up my rig and take a large toke. I got the dab sweats immediately which I anticipated, but the weed hit me differently than I anticipated. It place me in a weird mood and to deal with that, I just kept smoking much more. Terrible move. 

I ended up finding a severe case of anxiousness and  I was absolutely soaked in sweat. Then I began finding anxious about how substantially I was sweating and it got even worse. Inside about 40 minutes, I faked a stomach ache, got out of there and puked from getting so stoned and anxious. I attempted to contact him later but he under no circumstances picked up. As well undesirable, I didn’t truly want a second date, I just wanted to know what strain these diamonds have been created of.

A small as well medicinal…

This was the worst factor that ever occurred to me with a guy and I cannot think I’m about to inform you. I get stomach challenges from time to time and cannabis is the most remarkable medicine for me. One particular evening, I wasn’t undertaking that badly but I kept possessing to go to the bathroom. To deal with my stomach, I ate a cannabis cookie. Like usual, it worked. An hour or two right after, I got some dirty text messages from a guy I was sleeping with. Feeling superior, ailments forgotten, I rushed more than to his property. We have been in the heat of the moment and decided to do some anal. Terrible concept. 

I need to have believed about it and not taken the possibility, but I got as well excited. All the things felt absolutely standard. When he pulled out, I could only see shadows due to the fact he had the light behind him…but I knew. He looked like a dog in front, with a dipstick tail, like a dalmatian. Neither of us acknowledged what had just occurred. He went into the bathroom for about 15 minutes and all I could hear was the Febreeze can. I was entirely mortified. When it was ultimately my turn in the bathroom, we passed with out touching in the hall. 



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