CBD Pedicures: Trendy, But Worth the Dollars?


On the official Scale of Really Relaxing Activities, which is incredibly considerably a genuine issue that you do not will need to Google, a good pedicure is ideal at the major. Irrespective of whether you are obtaining the week from hell or just a challenging day at operate, handful of points are much more soothing than an hour spent reading a trashy magazine even though obtaining your feet tended to. And adding a tiny CBD to the equation could take your relaxation (and your nail game) up but one more notch — at least if you think the hype. 

CBD pedicures have earned rave critiques from Forbes, Fashionista, Nails Magazine (yes, that is a genuine issue), and around ten billion beauty bloggers on YouTube. Their recognition is a sign that even though CBD beauty could have its critics, it nevertheless has a lot of fans, also, and they’re prepared to spend a premium price tag for something containing a whiff of their preferred non-intoxicating cannabinoid. (Just ignore these admissions from beauty execs that CBD skin care is largely a scam).

Like bacon on a cheeseburger, a CBD-infused pedicure appears like an upgraded version of an currently-superb issue. Their clear appeal has currently produced them a staple in the chilled out “CBD spaces” now popping up in higher-finish retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, and handful of stressed-out young persons with a taste for wellness (and/or higher heels) will need to be convinced that it is a excellent notion to place their feet up and treat themselves. Adding a dash of the trendiest ingredient in beauty undoubtedly does not hurt, either. 

But the query remains: If you get a CBD pedicure, are you paying for something much more than the placebo impact? 

The four-Aspect Guide to CBD Pedicures

The procedure of having a CBD pedicure is considerably like having a common one particular: It follows the similar fundamental routine of soak, scrub, moisturize, and paint. The genuine distinction comes from the solutions utilised (which we’ll go over in a moment). Swapping out one particular moisturizing cream or nail polish for one more could look like a straightforward transform, but it comes with a quantity of ripple effects.

So to assistance you make a decision if a CBD pedicure is ideal for you, here’s almost everything you will need to know about them: 

How A great deal Does a CBD Pedicure Price?

CBD is costly, so it stands to explanation that CBD pedicures would be pricier than their standard counterparts. And considering the fact that “enhanced” pedicures have been 1st popularized in upscale spas and salons in cities like New York and Los Angeles, you could count on them to be exorbitantly costly — but right here you will be pleasantly shocked.

Costs have a tendency to differ from place to place, but in most situations a CBD pedicure will run you someplace among $50-$65. As far as CBD-connected upcharges go, that is fairly mild: Common pedicures generally expense $35-$45 at a common salon.

You will not have to invest in a plane ticket to get one particular, either. The CBD pedicure trend has now spread across the nation, with solutions readily available each in states that have totally legalized cannabis (like Nevada) and these that haven’t (like Minnesota). Having said that, the quantity of spas and salons that provide them are nevertheless outnumbered by the ones that do not, so you will want to double verify just before you head to your preferred nail artist with hopes of an infused pedicure. 

Which Solutions Are Made use of In the course of a CBD Pedicure?

This is exactly where CBD pedicures seriously stand out. In the course of a common pedicure, you could get started by soaking your feet in a tub of warm water with necessary oils or epsom salts. For an infused one particular, these solutions could be replaced by a CBD bath bomb or bath salts. In theory, these are equally adept at prepping your feet for their upcoming scrub even though also bringing a tiny further to the table (maintain reading to come across out what that tiny further could be). 

Now, on to exfoliation. Though a common pedicure could involve ridding your feet of dead skin cells with a foot scrub and a pumice stone, a CBD-infused one particular will maintain the stone but trade the solution for a CBD sugar scrub or a thing comparable. 

For the moisturizing/massage stage (everyone’s preferred), the similar guidelines apply: The artist will swap out that fundamental cream or lotion for a CBD cream or lotion, and rub away. Pro tip — attempt not to appear so disappointed when they quit.

When it lastly comes time to paint your nails, there could not essentially be considerably of a distinction among CBD pedicures and common ones. CBD nail polishes are nevertheless really uncommon — even standard old hemp nail polishes are challenging to come by — and the choice is as restricted as you’d count on. So do not be shocked if your artist reaches for the similar set of colors they did the final time you came in.

The (Possible) Positive aspects of a CBD Pedicure

Here’s exactly where it gets complex. Numerous persons stroll into a CBD pedicure pondering, “Ah, CBD! I’ve heard it can assistance with my anxiousness. I’ve also heard it can assistance relieve discomfort. Certainly all these infused solutions will leave me feeling as serene and sprightly as these persons in the advertisements I all of a sudden can not escape from!”

They undoubtedly could — but it could be due to the placebo impact much more than something else. Numerous CBD skin care solutions include a fairly low quantity of the titular ingredient. For instance, your artist could use a cream that comes in a four oz. jar with 50 mg of CBD, which means that you are having at most a handful of milligrams rubbed into your aching ankles. Though there are nevertheless no advised dosage recommendations for CBD — thank you, Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) — that is just about undoubtedly not sufficient to make a distinction. 

On major of that, most CBD topicals have a key issue: They can not essentially penetrate deep sufficient into the skin to provide their added benefits to exactly where they’re required most. Some brands are establishing nanotechnologies that could, theoretically, repair this challenge, but we’re not really there but.

It is not all undesirable news, even though. CBD’s antioxidant properties can be valuable even on just the (literal) surface level, and its potential to fight totally free radicals and hydrate the skin are a plus for the pedi-curious. 

And the (Possible) Downsides of a CBD Pedicure

Assuming that your nail artist knows what they’re undertaking, a CBD pedicure does not have any unique dangers compared to a common one particular. The solutions will not make you higher, no matter how considerably you use, nor will they make you sick (as extended as you do not attempt to consume them, which, why would you?). The common consensus amongst scientists is that CBD is an exceptionally secure substance, in particular in topical kind — which could be partly due to the truth that not sufficient of it reaches your bloodstream to have any noticeable impact.

That is the principal challenge with CBD pedicures, in truth: There’s just not a lot of proof that all the upscale solutions they involve can make a tangible distinction on your anxiousness or discomfort levels, and their skin care added benefits could not be considerably higher than these of standard solutions, considering the fact that it is challenging to know which ingredient is undertaking the heavy lifting.

Having said that, if you are infatuated with CBD and not opposed to forking more than a handful of much more dollars, then there should really be tiny stopping you from attempting an infused pedicure.


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