Weed’s Flavonoids Fight Cancer, As well


Academic study on health-related marijuana has focused nearly completely on the plant’s main cannabinoids, THC and CBD. But a new study revealed that the plant’s flavonoids offer you overall health advantages, as nicely.

THC is the world’s most nicely-identified cannabinoid. It is the element of weed that gets people today intoxicated, and it possesses health-related properties, as well. And, as far as we know, only cannabis produces THC no other plant on the planet tends to make this wondrous compound.

But there’s yet another compound located exclusively in cannabis, but it is not almost as renowned as THC. That compound is cannflavin B – which is a flavonoid, not a cannabinoid. And even although cannflavin B does not get people today lit, a new study suggests that this flavonoid can also assist kill cancer cells, just like THC.

The study, published lately in the journal Frontiers in Oncology, located that cannflavin B worked particularly nicely against pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is 1 of the deadliest cancers identified: A diagnosis is primarily a death sentence, with a dismal eight % survival price, even with the newest developments in chemotherapy, radiation therapies, and surgeries. 

Pancreatic cancer is particularly lethal considering that the pancreas’s functions are crucial to human overall health, and the human physique includes only 1 pancreas. The pancreas releases hormones that raise and decrease blood sugar levels. Without having it, the physique can’t balance how considerably sugar is becoming processed, ultimately top to nerve death and permanent organ failure. 

“The findings demonstrate the possible for this new cannabis derivative in the remedy of each localized and sophisticated pancreatic cancer,” the study’s authors wrote. “The outcomes justify additional research to optimize therapy outcomes toward clinical translation.”

How does cannflavin B fight pancreatic cancer? According to the study, the molecule not only causes some of the cancer cells to “commit suicide” by means of a approach referred to as apoptosis, it also enhances the effectiveness of popular chemo- and radiation therapies, as nicely. So, generally, cannflavin B could synergistically increase each health-related marijuana and standard cancer therapies simultaneously.

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But, there are a couple of catches right here. Initially, this study didn’t appear at pancreatic cancer in humans. Like most lab-run weed research, it only assessed pancreatic cancer in mice. 

Second, even though the researchers did study cannflavin B in rodent pancreatic cancers, their accurate aim wasn’t to bolster cannabis’s reputation as a cancer remedy. Rather, they mostly looked at a synthetic, lab-produced version of cannflavin B, which they referred to as FBL-03G.

Of course, considering that FBL-03G does not naturally happen in nature, it is patented. And the drug business that produced this synthetic flavonoid, Flavocure Biotech Inc., funded this study. Even though the scientists stated in their “Conflict of Interest” section that “the study was performed in the absence of any industrial or economic relationships that could be construed as a possible conflict of interest,” hold in thoughts that the information was collected to eventually ascertain the cancer-fighting efficacy of FBL-03G, not cannflavin B.

A separate study published earlier this month indicated that the weed flavonoids cannflavin A and cannflavin B could combat discomfort improved than THC or CBD, once again raising even far more concerns about how cannabis definitely functions as a medicine.

Regardless, each the pancreatic cancer study and the flavonoid discomfort study may perhaps lastly trigger new academic (and industrial) interests to additional discover cannabis’s possible as a medicine. There’s a lot far more in our favored plant in addition to THC and CBD

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