Ohio Committee drops assistance for approving marijuana to treat autism, anxiousness


A committee of specialists has rescinded its recommendation to approve health-related marijuana to treat autism and anxiousness in Ohio.

The professional assessment committee of the Ohio Healthcare Marijuana Manage Plan had voted final fall to advocate that the State Healthcare Board of Ohio approve marijuana to treat these circumstances, but it reversed course just after hearing from a panel of specialists Wednesday.

Two specialists testified in favor of marijuana’s use, and 4 specialists against it. In Ohio, marijuana is authorized to treat 21 health-related circumstances, such as chronic discomfort and post-traumatic pressure disorder.

The committee decided that investigation on the use of marijuana to treat autism and anxiousness is inconclusive.

“At this point, approval appears premature,” mentioned health-related board President Michael Schottenstein, who is also a member of the assessment committee. “There ought to be a consensus, and it is clear that we do not have that.”

Committee member Robert Giacalone also opposed the recommendation. “There is, at ideal, anecdotal proof on the other side,” he mentioned.

After a situation is on the list of 21 qualifying circumstances, it can not be removed, Schottenstein mentioned. The board can add the situation later if much more compelling proof emerges, he mentioned. [Read more at The Columbus Dispatch]


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