An Overview of the Largest Marijuana Players in South America



There has been a lot of buzz lately about marijuana reform in South and Central America. Despite the fact that Uruguay will generally hold the title for getting the initially nation in the planet to legalize recreational marijuana, the Green Wave is hitting the continent in a single huge swoop.

Canadian corporations have currently noticed this chance, as South American partners and subsidiaries strike bargains for the production and worldwide export of (for now) non-intoxicating CBD.

But reform requires time. At the price items are going, South America could grow to be the subsequent international cannabis hotspot. Of course, as 420 Intel points out, some spots are hotter than other folks.




Colombia’s health-related cannabis industry has been at the centre of the cannabis market. Thanks to heavy investments from Canadian licensed producers.

Colombia’s best climate, less expensive labour and skilled personnel (thanks primarily to its function in the illegal marijuana market in the course of the previous) are ideal for developing marijuana. These elements imply that the expense of developing the plant is a fraction of the value in Canada and the U.S., which – in theory – would let for decrease sale rates that may possibly compete with the black industry in North America.

Regardless of considerable leaps forward in public attitude toward marijuana, like the decriminalization of public marijuana consumption, Colombia may possibly nevertheless need to have a couple of years just before the public embraces complete legalization.




Argentina’s marijuana framework is a tiny bit murky. Recreational marijuana is decriminalized in little amounts and when made use of on private house. Health-related cannabis is “widely accepted,” but nevertheless federally illegal. Even so, the provinces of Santa Fe and Chubut legalized health-related marijuana in 2016.

In 2017, the government authorized the health-related use of non-intoxicating CBD oil. Aphria promptly jumped on the chance, exporting 1,500 bottles of CBD oil to its South American subsidiary in 2018.




In the cannabis planet, Uruguay requirements tiny introduction. Despite the fact that overshadowed by Canada and 11 U.S. states, Uruguay is nevertheless the initially nation to legalize recreational marijuana.

That getting stated, the nation has some significant difficulties in that regard. For a single factor, customers have to register just to purchase the drug, its potency is restricted and – most lately – provide issues have created it complicated for even a fraction of registered prospects to get marijuana.

Also, considerably like in the U.S., banks are skittish about dealing with the marijuana market. But when U.S. banks are concerned about federal prosecution, banks in Uruguay worry international sanctions – a thing arguably considerably worse.

Nevertheless, companies discovered methods to make the ideal of the circumstance. For instance, Aurora Cannabis acquired Uruguay’s ICC Labs in 2018, taking roughly 70% of the total marijuana industry in Uruguay.




Mexico arguably requires dwelling the gold in terms of its one of a kind legalization initiative. As we described in prior articles, Mexico’s legal technique calls for a law to be repealed if it is challenged and won 5 occasions in the Supreme Court.

As soon as the fifth case went in favour of the plaintiff, Mexico had no selection but to adjust its laws. They are now scrambling to meet an October deadline or they face the possibility of the Supreme Court writing the legislation on the government’s behalf.

Even so, the law was deemed unenforceable instantly following the ruling. But passing the legislation in only 90 days is just the starting. The government will need to have considerably a lot more time to set up a provide, regulatory framework, distribution and all the other crucial needs for a functional legal cannabis technique.


WeedAdvisor’s Interest in South and Central America


It is pretty clear that marijuana reform is on everyone’s minds all through the western hemisphere. No matter whether progressive and voluntary, like most of South America or sudden and jarring, like the case with Mexico, it is clear that a largescale marijuana market is about to boom.

WeedAdvisor, as generally, aims to be at the centre of this multilayered occasion, providing a single platform to cover important functions like point-of-sale, compliance, actual-time information tracking and a lot more.


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