Japan’s conservative attitude to cannabis is softening


Cannabis has extended been element of conventional medicine in Asia. In Japan, the earliest traces can be located as far back as eight,000 BC – this may well be the earliest ever recorded. 

It is only considering the fact that the mid-twentieth century that usage has turn out to be heavily restricted, due to altering western opinions and the enforcement of UN drug treaties. As a outcome, attitudes across Asia have now turn out to be some of the most conservative in the planet. 

Nevertheless, that stance is starting to soften. Thailand’s current legalisation of health-related cannabis represents a watershed moment for the continent as they followed the lead of South Korea, who shocked several to turn out to be the 1st east Asian nation to legalise health-related cannabis in November 2018. 

Authorities now predict that other nations in the area will comply with suit and legalise the plant for medicinal purposes. Prohibition Partners estimates that by 2024 the legal cannabis industry in Asia – which is dwelling to a lot more than half the world’s…

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