Bravo’s hit show Southern Charm visits Colorado Cannabis Tours for a unique tour and infused dinner celebration!


In the season finale of Charleston-primarily based reality show Southern Charm, single southern socialites traveled to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a much more-than-mile-higher expertise in the mountains outdoors of Denver. Full with skiing and snowboarding, a wintry wood-paneled lodge, lots of wine, meals, and beer, and tour and infused dinner solutions supplied by, the episode was full with lots of laughter, luxury, sexual tension, and of course drama, fueled each by previous unresolved sexual encounters and an anti-cannabis cohort amongst the partiers.

As the gang attempted to get their act with each other to ski and came to terms with becoming cold by placing on at least three additional layers of pants and furry Russian hats, Chef Jared Farina began to prepare the infused dinner in their private lodge. The cast has varying levels of snow sport experience, but just after a lengthy day of either cruising the slopes or crashing into kids on the bunny hill, they arrived back to the lodge to unwind, shower, primp, and have been greeted with CBD-infused wine Cannavines. Shep and Austin have been the most enthusiastic cannabis shoppers of the group, but everybody did attempt at least a tiny bit of the affectionately referred to “whacky weed”, in a single kind or yet another.

Their initially error was indulging in cannabis gummies just before the dinner even started, but fortunately it was lightly infused with the solution to not infuse at all, or add just a compact dosage in the glazes and sauces. Chef Jared ready a 4-course meal which includes a mixed green salad with a champagne vinaigrette, pasta with lamb meatballs, and roasted chicken thighs with lightly glazed dragon carrots. By the completion of the meal, men and women have been giggling like mad males and “stoned as goats”, and even the drama-prone cast seemed to be acquiring along reasonably properly, regardless of the bickering more than no matter if or not cannabis can be addictive and the common consensus that Katherine was overreacting about her history with the plant, and how it had ruined her life. In the finish, as usual, there have been no physical altercations and no one got dangerously stoned, there have been just a lot of red eyes, laughter, hilarity, and indulgent.

Infusion Chef Roilty from Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours is the ultimate corporation to deliver a luxury cannabis expertise, full with a picturesque mountain lodge, higher-finish transportation, CBD-infused wine, and a complete course dinner, with the solution for infusement if you so wish. Cannabis Tours performs with Winter Park Mountain Lodge in beautiful Winter Park, Colorado, suitable subsequent to the infamous Mary Jane Mountain and ski resort, and also delivers outside excursions like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, horseback riding, and snowmobiling.

Dinner is served expertly infused with cannabis

Not so positive about your snow legs? If you do not really feel comfy driving up the twisting mountain roads, there is the solution to be picked up in a cannabis-friendly car, full with a cease at a dispensary, just before you are driven up to your mountain resort outdoors of Denver. Cannabis Tours delivers lots of selections for singles, couples, and groups compact and huge for your mountain trip, no matter the time of year. Just don’t forget, often get started low and go slow with your cannabis consumption, and make positive to hydrate continually, particularly if you are heading up to an even larger altitude! Wherever you are coming from, Cannabis Tours is right here to deliver you with the ultimate Colorado trip, and support you keep secure, legal, and healthful whilst obtaining a hell of a higher time.

As evidenced on the show, Cannabis Tours excels at offering a Luxor expertise not rivaled by any competitor in their field. Considering about taking a trip to Denver and want to reside it like the cast of Southern Charm? Then give us a get in touch with at 303-420-TOUR (8687) and make positive to speak to a single of our Hugely skilled sales agents about our private luxury experiences, which includes cannabis infused dinners, 2019 Cadillac Escalade 420 friendly airport transportation, customizable private tours, and our lux 420 friendly lodging accommodations. Beware of imitators and choose the corporation trusted by main productions firms once again and once again. See you in Colorado, and don’t forget to #StayHighFam!

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