Attempted THC for the initially time….what the hell occurred to me? : Marijuana


I was offered a sucker with 25mg of THC in it the year prior to final and I lastly decided to attempt it a couple of months ago (a year+ soon after I got it) and soon after consuming half the sucker, about 11 hours later, my physique actually felt like it was buzzing, like I was sitting on a jackhammer, and my heart was racing, BP was via the roof, I felt dizzy and exceptionally nauseous, my vision got blurry, and I was paranoid and anxious like I’ve in no way felt prior to. It really is the closest I’ve ever been to sheer uncontrollable panic. Ultimately soon after about a half hour of feeling like this (totally terrible) I threw up (a ton), and then more than the subsequent four hours I lastly began feeling improved.

This was my initially time ever attempting THC or something connected to marijuana. Frankly, it scared the crap out of me due to the fact for a though there I believed I was dying.

I am interested in vaping, for relaxation and to calm my normal anxiousness, but I am scared of some thing like this taking place once more. Any input on what occurred to me and if vaping would impact me the very same way? Am I allergic to THC? Undesirable batch? Also old? Ate as well substantially for my initially time?


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