Denver Decriminalized Psychedelic Mushrooms | Teds Marijuana Forum


If you didn’t know, Denver decriminalized mushrooms (the good kind) this week. So what, right? Denver was also the first city in the US to decriminalize marijuana and now look at where we are. This is huge, and even if you don’t care, it’s worth noting that we just crossed a major point in history. It has to start somewhere and by someone. Now we are talking about it!

While this site isn’t about mushrooms and I don’t anticipate making room for it with sites like Shroomery around, it’s a major sticking point in my beliefs. Mushrooms can help big time. I owe it to mushrooms for giving me back my mind and thoughts. I took some for the very first time almost 1 year ago now and it was amazing. Only 2g worth but it was enough to make some connections in my brain and get the thoughts gushing back. Taking Lyrica for Fibro took away any kind of deep thought or desire I use to have. Mushrooms were the only thing that helped get me back on track.

I am very hopeful that others will get to experience these as we start seeing the decriminalization and hopefully full legalization across the US. There are significant benefits in microdosing as well as taking a god-tier dose. We are talking about bringing people back from depression, PTSD, and many other mental ailments. I know it’s not a fix for everything and for everybody, but it’s at least an option in Denver now.

I do hope we see this take off like wildfire. We need this in our country more than ever right now!



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