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The Super Skunk marijuana strain is identified all about the planet for its one of a kind hybrid qualities. This strain that is identified for its aroma suitable off the bat. A single whiff, and customers will instantaneously relate this strain to the smell of skunk and cheese. It has a super thick fragrance that is loved amongst the marijuana neighborhood, and to these who are tired of fruit flavors.

Super Skunk gets its name mainly because of its smell and look. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid that sends customers into an alternate universe. Due to the fact it packs an typical of 23.five% for THC levels, new customers really should be really cautious when consuming this strain. Super Skunk has the capability to present a higher to even the most knowledgeable smokers. The Super Skunk strain is extensively applied in the health-related field, mainly because of its higher levels of CBD which are about two.five%.


Super Skunk comes from its parent strain, Skunk #1. This strain has been applied to breed other sorts of Skunk marijuana as nicely, such as Shiva Skunk. It is bred by Sensi Seeds and they backcrossed it with Afghani Roots to make Super Skunk.

Prior to Super Skunk came the strain Shiva Skunk. 3 years later, Sensi Seeds was in a position to make the Super Skunk marijuana strain. The breeder claims that Super Skunk has far more weight, potency, and flavor than its parent strain, Skunk#1. Super Skunk was made in the 1990s and it hasn’t seriously changed substantially more than the years.

The explanation why breeders preserve making new Skunk sorts of marijuana with Afghani seeds, is mainly because they had so substantially achievement with Skunk#1. Super Skunks objective is to surpass what that strain has carried out for the marijuana neighborhood considering the fact that the 1970s.

Skunk #1 Background

This strain is a hybrid strain that was made in the 1970s by Sensi Seeds. Diverse genetics from about the planet is what gave this strain such a common flavor profile. Having genetics from Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian, Skunk#1 has a wide diversity of influence.

Element of the explanation why Super Skunk is so common is mainly because of Skunk#1. Due to the fact that strain has carried out so nicely, a lot of customers choose to attempt Super Skunk.


Afghani is an Indica strain, whereas, Acapulco Gold and Columbian are Sativa strains. This strain has a classic marijuana taste, as it has an very skunky flavor profile. A lot of other strains from Sensi Seeds had been primarily based on this strain as nicely.

Super Skunk Flavor, Aroma, and Look

The flavor profile of Super Skunk consists of cheese, pomegranate, and cranberry. Prior to you stick up your nose at this, actually and physically, preserve in thoughts these flavors mimic wine tastings. You can get a fruity smell from wine and a cheesy, skunky smell from, duh, all the cheese paired with it. In a way, the Super Skunk marijuana haze is like a wine tasting in a joint.

This may possibly not sound as well attractive, but it is a taste that a lot of marijuana indulgers appreciate. Though some customers say the above are the flavors, Super Skunk is identified for possessing a clean smoke. Each and every now and then customers want a thick, wealthy flavor to seriously give them one thing to taste.

The Smell is equivalent to the taste as a lot of customers say it smells like cheese, fungus, and sour cranberry. Once more, these smells do not sound as well appetizing, but this strain is very common for these smells. With so numerous light flavors on the market place, customers at times need to have one thing distinct to preserve their senses interested.

The look of this strain is quite classic as it is vibrant green and the trichomes can be identified as getting orange in colour. In contrast to other strains, orange trichomes are not the very first issue your eye will be drawn to, and usually have to be searched for.

Super Skunk Healthcare Rewards

This is the most exciting element of this strain. The health-related rewards are substantial as Super Skunk is loaded with CBD and THC. CBD heavy strains are normally advised by physicians mainly because of their health-related rewards.

Seizures are one particular of the key factors why this strain is prescribed to sufferers. The higher CBD levels seriously assistance the patient to loosen up. Due to the fact this is also an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, it also assists customers get substantially-required rest. Seizures can be a really extreme health-related challenge to deal with. Medical doctors are getting achievement in treating with them with CBD and CBD-heavy marijuana strains like Super Skunk.

Insomnia is a different excellent health-related advantage from this strain. It is prevalent for Indica-dominant strains to assistance with insomnia and Super Skunk is a different excellent instance of this. Buyers can merely use this strain late at evening just after a extended days perform, and they will come across the relaxation they need to have to slip into deep sleep.

Appetite is a prevalent ailment that this sort of marijuana is applied for. Following consuming this strain, folks come across that they are usually hungry. Marijuana, in basic, is fantastic for dealing with the loss of appetite due to other drugs, sicknesses like cancer, or genetic challenges.

A single far more ailment that physicians propose this strain for is depression. Due to the fact it is so higher in THC and CBD levels, Super Skunk marijuana lifts spirits and provides folks a sense of happiness that other pharmaceuticals can not present. With a higher dose of CBD, customers can advantage from all the THC without the need of obtaining place into a paranoid headspace, mainly because the CBD blocks these effects from taking place. These who have a predisposition to drugs favor applying this strain, so they do not fall into the trap of abusing discomfort killers.

Super Skunk Effects

The constructive effects are relaxation, happiness, and an more than-heightened sense of creativity. This is quite standard with most strains equivalent to this one particular thanks to the higher THC level. Most folks wouldn’t propose this strain just before going out and carrying out physical activities mainly because it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, which usually fatigues customers. Alternatively, it really should be applied in the afternoon or at evening.

 Sativas are what is usually advised just before carrying out physical activities mainly because they give you far more power.

If you are applying this strain recreationally, it is advised for items such as camping, films, T.V. shows, and relaxing on the beach. None of these activities need a ton of power and this strain will place you in a excellent headspace for them to assistance delight in your surroundings.

Unfavorable Side Effects

Like most strains, this does not have crazy side effects. Be positive to have a lot of water with you and some eye drops as it will make you thirsty and potentially dry your eyes out. Excessive amounts can lead to intense redness in the eyes, but with some eye drops this can be cured. Eyedrops are low-priced and can be identified at any neighborhood drugstore.

Developing Super Skunk

This strain has dense, thick buds and it is an quick strain to develop. If grown indoors, growers can anticipate a yield of about 15 ounces per square meter. As far as flowering time, it is on the shorter to the typical side of the timeline, blooming at about eight weeks.

If grown outdoors, growers can anticipate greater yields at about 21 ounces per square meter. Growers can anticipate to harvest this strain in mid-September. Like other strains, if picked as well early, it can outcome in a poor item.

Well known Cities

This strain is common all more than the planet and hence is identified in a diverse place of states. Cities most common for promoting this strain incorporate:

  • Portland, OR
  • Anchorage, AK
  • Keizer, OR
  • Puyallup, WA
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • Afton, OK

Final Thoughts

Super Skunk hasn’t changed substantially considering the fact that the 90s mainly because there is not substantially to adjust do not repair what is not broken applies to this strain. It has a substantial fan base and it is packed with higher levels of THC and CBD. This tends to make it a excellent strain for health-related and recreational factors. Even these who appreciate fruity flavors can advantage from this wealthy and heavy tasting strain.


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