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Siva Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Siva Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

Siva 60-Second Summary

Seattle-based Siva wants to offer all the benefits of CBD oil through the discreet delivery method of a patch. The streamlined product helps the company achieve its four main values: freedom, natural relief, wellness, and simplicity—though unfortunately, there was little information on the site to help us determine how Siva fulfills our five main values of mission, quality, safety, innovation, and charity.


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Siva Brand Review

Siva is a cannabidiol product company from Seattle with a hyper-focused product line: a CBD oil patch that can be applied to the skin.

The delivery system is certainly discrete, and allows users the freedom to move about their day by utilizing a simple method that encourages wellness through natural ingredients—all tent poles of Siva’s mission. Bioavailability is also boosted when using topical modes for receiving CBD oil.

Still, the company offers us little more than the declaration of those values, honorable as they are.

Notably lacking from the website is any mention of third-party lab test results or links to Certificates of Analysis (CoAs), which would showcase the purity and safety levels of the cannabidiol involved. And Siva also fails to mention where it sources its hemp from, or how its CBD oil is extracted.

The company’s patches are sold in three different bundle sizes: a three-pack for $29; a 10-pack for $99; and a 25-pack for $199. From what we can tell, it seems the ingredients are all safe, though it also seems that Siva isn’t quite ready to launch yet, with several of their product options listed as “Coming Soon.”

Bottom line: Siva has a wonderful mission, and the product it’s come up with seems to deliver on its many noble values. But unfortunately, we don’t get much information on how those goals are achieved. The lack of any mention of third-party lab tests or CBD oil extraction and sourcing leaves us unable to award a safety or quality badge, and the company’s hyper-focused line of products leaves little room for innovation.

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Siva ReviewMission Verified

Siva places value on wellness, natural relief, and freedom, hoping to create reliable products that offer all three through the use of cannabidiol oil.



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