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Kiskanu Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Kiskanu Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

Kiskanu 60-Second Summary

Truly all-natural beauty products are hard to come by—especially in the unregulated world of cannabidiol. But Kiskanu showcases just how much Mother Earth can do for our skin. The Humboldt-based company does a great job of mixing organic ingredients to make the most out of its small-but-focused line of CBD oil-infused skincare products, but we just don’t see enough about the CBD oil itself to award many of our badges to the business.


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Kiskanu Brand Review

Kiskanu has deep roots. The word itself is derived from the name of the ancient Sumarian Kiskanu Tree, which holds particular significance in the culture as the source for many ritual sprinklings. The same tree was believed to be the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. And the word “kiskanu” itself has some phonetic ties to some of the earliest words for cannabis.

Professionally, the company also has a long history. It’s the brainchild of a family living in Humboldt County—the longtime epicenter of all things cannabis—with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

The business has a particular focus on CBD oil beauty products, offering a small but thoughtful line of cannabidiol body and face washes for all range of skin types. The products are all made from a yummy concoction of all-natural herbs and oils and are sold on product pages chock-full of good information on the benefits of the organic ingredients. Prices range from $10 to $40, while a “wholesale starter kit,” which comes with 12 packets of each product plus a few additional testers, retails for $450.

Yet while we get plenty of data about hemp generally, we get very little verifiable information on the particular hemp strands the company uses and its preferred cannabidiol extraction method.

Kiskanu says it supports organic and sustainable farming methods and that its CBD oil is third-party tested, which is wonderful to hear. But no other details are made available, and Certificates of Analysis showcasing the CBD and THC levels in the products or confirming the absence of heavy metals, residual solvents, and other contaminants are also missing from the site.

Bottom line: The concept of the Kiskanu Tree may be rooted in the cannon of cannabis tradition, but Kiskanu, the company, could do more to show its modern-day credentials. We love the all-natural line up of ingredients included in its small-but-thoughtful skincare line, but we’d love to see just a bit more information on where its hemp is sourced from and how its CBD oil is extracted. Third-party lab test results would also be great to see.

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Kiskanu ReviewMission Verified

Kiskanu is dedicated to offering an all-natural alternative for those seeking healthier and happier skin.



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Kiskanu Review


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