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Cresco cartridges are manufactured by Cresco Labs. Began in 2010, it is a firm that is amongst the quickest expanding in the newly formed cannabis sector. Operating in 11 states and with 15 active production facilities, they’re a accurate powerhouse in the industry. They produce an array of cannabis items from flower to shatter, manufacturing anything in-residence.

All of their items are classified into one particular of 3 colour coded sections by strain. Rise, which is sativa dominant and colour coded red. Refresh, which is a hybrid and colour coded green. Rest, which is indica dominant and colour coded blue. Their vape cartridges make use of CCELL technologies and are offered for retail obtain in California and Illinois.

In this overview we’ll be checking out their Dream Walker cartridge and see if it can have us walking on the clouds.


  • Robust reside resin distillate
  • Constant thick hits
  • Zero off flavors
  • Lengthy lasting higher


  • Flavor almost nonexistent

Suggestions: A far more complete bodied flavor profile and much better packaging would make this cart capable to compete with the most effective.


Cresco cartridge packaging front
Cresco utilizes uncomplicated colour coded packaging for all their items.


Cresco Labs cartridge hits as clean as its packaging appears

The Cresco cart is filled with a higher potency reside resin that has a completely crystal clean taste. Probably a bit as well clean in some techniques, as its flavor is so light it is just about not even there. To its advantage the flavor it does have is quite clean and all-natural, a light floral toasty flavor that is by no means bitter or burnt. There is not even a hint of chemical or unnatural tastes either, one thing one particular would hope for at their higher price tag point.

Cresco Dream Walker cartridge internal packaging
They have the cartridge securely packaged inside the box. Nicely secured to retain it from rattling about and possibly leaking.

CCELL hardware constant as ever

Cresco Labs tends to make use of a quite regular CCELL cart design and style, the M6T. A uncomplicated colour band on the housing denotes whether or not it is a Rise, Refresh or Rest cart. The mouthpiece is a plain clear acrylic plastic tube and the Cresco brand name is printed across the oil chamber. The hits it supplies are thick and constant to the quite finish. There’s tiny to complain about but it would be good for them to offer a far more robust flavor profile to take benefit of the CCELL’s thick clouds.

Cresco Dream Walker cartridge internal packaging
They have the cartridge securely packaged inside the box. Nicely secured to retain it from rattling about and possibly leaking.

Cresco carts are not affordable but they’re not slouches either

Though the cartridge is absolutely one particular of the pricier ones out there it is filled with a quite higher potency reside resin, which is far more high priced to generate than regular distillate. The higher hit heavy with just a couple hits even with my greater tolerances and lasted for a couple of hours at a time. The higher is quite chill and relaxing but mentally productive, a bit far more physically sedative than some sativas but not in an unpleasant way. The cart itself lasted about 5 days of heavy use.

Cresco cartridge tube
The cartridge comes in a squeeze prime uncomplicated plastic tube with a rubber stopper to protect against any attainable leaking.

Cresco rates a bit higher for its compromises

At a price tag point of $50 for a half gram, that’s not poor, but it is not great either. General I’d say you surely get what you spend for on the potency and efficiency side of items, with every single cart offering lots of higher potency hits. Nonetheless it fails to provide something standout or overly memorable like the Korova Super Silver Haze cart did. They’ve got a bit of a way to go to compete on that level, one particular can hope that with as huge a firm as they are they can make the adjustments important.

Cresco cartridge out of packaging
The oil is a darker colour than some other folks and very viscous in consistency.

Not offering tests is not a great appear for Cresco Labs

The packaging for the Cresco cartridge supplies only extremely vague unhelpful info and absolutely nothing in the way of any verification for what they have. No testing final results is quite frequent on carts, nevertheless at this price tag we did anticipate it.

This absolutely negatively impacts the perception of the oil regardless of its otherwise seemingly great excellent. When even more affordable carts like NUG freely offer their testing it is not encouraging for greater finish cartridge producers not to. It tends to make one particular wonder if they have one thing to hide even if that is not necessarily the case.


Cresco packaging back
No testing info is offered on the packaging, sadly.

Cresco Labs cart could use some refinement

Though the higher it delivers is absolutely pleasant and lengthy lasting it falls quick on flavor, leaving absolutely nothing memorable. Its packaging is also so simplistic that it leaves quite tiny impression and, general, this tends to make for a quite unmemorable cartridge. Combined with the lack of testing and at the higher price tag point it is that is one thing that is not simple to accept. An organization the size of Cresco ought to be displaying lab final results.  This absolutely puts them on a losing foot against the likes of Kurvana, Jetty and Airo Pro.


Cresco cart on vape pen
This cartridge supplies a quite satisfying and relaxing higher even if it does go lax on satisfying flavors.

In closing on this Cresco Labs cartridge review…

Cresco supplies a great excellent distillate but it falls quick in a couple important locations that protect against it from ranking amongst the most effective. 1 would anticipate much better out of such a nicely established firm. Suitable now I cannot suggest this cart offered how high priced it is and that there are much better selections for much less. If you are not bothered by the expense or you can get one particular at a bargain someplace then it does offer a great higher, but its lack of flavor and total lack of testing final results tends to make it not one thing I could suggest at this point.

Cresco cart empty

The efficiency of the CCELL design and style leaves virtually none of the distillate to waste.You can come across Cresco Labs carts close to you to attempt for oneself right here. You can study far more about Cresco Labs and their items on their site right here.


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