Cheba Hut Does not Have Time For Marijuana’s Bandwagon Douchebags


Not all heroes in the cannabis space are fighting in courtrooms or grinding in the develop lab. Some heroes are producing stonerific sandwiches with grape jelly and jalapeños, and the plant would be significantly additional from social acceptance devoid of them. Never think us? Count how a lot of parents you see in a Cheba Hut, one particular of the self-described original gangsters of pot-themed restaurants. Shit, there is even a Cheba Hut in Stapleton now.

It really is funny, due to the fact mainstream acceptance was the final issue that Cheba Hut founder Scott Jennings was hunting for. Despite the fact that his eateries, with their pun-filled menus of sub sandwiches, have done extra to assistance de-stigmatize cannabis than most “pioneers” who like the smell of their personal edible farts, Jennings misses the rebellious side of cannabis. Nonetheless, that rebel mentality will forever remain embodied in his meals, which we’re beginning to see in extra towns about the nation.

We lately caught up with Jennings to study extra about the starting of Cheba Hut, his menu favorites and extra.

Westword: You founded Cheba Hut in Arizona more than twenty years ago. How massive of a threat did you really feel you have been taking by centering a restaurant theme about cannabis culture?

Scott Jennings: Back in ’98, it was a substantial threat. I think at that time in Arizona, any quantity was a felony, and you had to go to a diversion class or some bullshit like that. A lot of my mates have been dealing with some terrible laws that messed up their lives. Fake news is not a new issue.

As far as the theme goes, every person told me, “That’s the dumbest issue I’ve ever heard.” I feel the more than/below for our survival was a year. I had one thing to prove. Stoners are intelligent, hardworking persons, and we know good-tasting meals. Additionally, I was just out of college and believed incredibly strongly — nevertheless do — in freedom of speech. According to the 1st Amendment, I can contact my sandwich shop what ever I want. It wasn’t a gimmick it was a statement!

Have you noticed the culture about cannabis alter given that then?

Yes, to some degree. I have by no means been a fan of going mainstream, and I feel a lot of persons have embraced it just for profit. Some of the exact same persons who have been previously against it are now for it right after seeing the profit involved, and not the prevalent sense and freedom of selection, which need to be the purpose.

Nonetheless, the positives absolutely make the bandwagon douchebags extra tolerable. For instance, the laws are significantly superior. Sentences are getting commuted, and stuff like that is amazing. A lot of persons have spent some severe time in prison, and outdated laws have ruined a lot of lives — and continue to these days. Try to remember that when you are puffin’.

I’m proud to reside in Colorado. We are so far ahead of every person else, and I definitely think it is a significantly safer option to alcohol. The culture about us is the exact same — just significantly, significantly superior weed!

Just after one particular shop in Denver, Cheba Hut has opened 3 extra in current years. Other than legal cannabis, what tends to make this city so hungry for your sandwiches?

Denver has a lot of good brands, and the persons in Denver are sophisticated buyers. We present a good worth and take our meals, buyers and culture incredibly seriously. Absolutely everyone is chasing trends, taking the straightforward road by passing price to the buyers, placing in kiosks and raising rates. No, thanks. We adore our buyers. We are going right after the landlords and suppliers and doubling down on our meals high-quality, persons and expertise. We think consuming out shouldn’t be an inconvenience or a vending-machine transaction. It need to be an expertise.

Coloradans are fairly comfy with Cheba Hut’s brand of weed humor.

Courtesy of Cheba Hut

What is the most epic sandwich you have ever created right after receiving higher?

The Grape Ape: jalapeño cream cheese, meatballs, grape jelly, pineapple, red onion and barbecue sauce, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, parmesan and oregano — that was a hell of a session. It sounds gross, but it is incredibly tasty…and is essentially nevertheless on some of our stores’ secret stashes. Every shop has their personal secret stash, or menu creation. We encourage them to have their personal sessions, and have noticed some crazy combinations.

Has cannabis consumption ever influenced what you place on the menu?

There is practically nothing superior then smoking a blunt prior to heading into the test kitchen. But to be truthful, not every person on our group smokes weed, which is good, due to the fact somebody has to take notes.

Whilst we’re on that subject, what is your favored sandwich on the menu?

That is a hard one particular. It is like music: It depends what mood you are in. I constantly go with nugs [4″ sandwich option], so I can get extra than one particular.

When I want the meat sweats, my go-to is the five- (you can not go incorrect with all of the pig). If I’m in a chicken mood, my go-to is the Acapulco Gold (chicken, barbecue sauce and Swiss cheese). For a veggie mood, it is the Magic Mushroom (portobello, pineapple and teriyaki sauce).

What is the most underrated?

The Italian. It is the OG. I come from an Italian background, so we use prosciutto as an alternative of capicola and place Italian dressing, parmesan and oregano on anything.

How do you really feel about other firms (the Carl’s Jr. CBD burger, for instance) attempting to money in on cannabis now that it really is becoming extra mainstream?

There are a lot of fakers and bandwagon douchebags out there chasing trends to enhance income, but Cheba Hut is the original gangster. We have been rolling for 21 years, and program on getting about for a incredibly, incredibly extended time.


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